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Blowing the client away

Liberty Industrial
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Liberty Industrial is a specialist demolition contractor, and one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial deconstruction services. They provide complete, large-scale demolition services to the mining, heavy industrial and power generation industries, both in the government and private sectors. Through the use of advanced technology, they deliver innovative, cost effective solutions to clients – all the way from conception to completion.

The company was founded five years ago by Clinton Dick, the current director of Liberty Industrial and a qualified civil engineer possessing an Australia-wide unrestricted demolition license. The foundation was due to a growing need for specialist demolition consultation to major companies in both Australia and abroad. This proved to be dead on, as the company has risen to the top of Australia’s deconstruction services in only a short time.

“We first started as a consultant company,” explains Clinton. “We specialized in consulting activities of big de-construction and decommissioning of plants for clients. Since then, we’ve actually evolved over the last few years into a contractor that undertakes the work as well. Currently we’re doing projects that require large-scale demolition work, but we’re also doing deconstruction works that require salvage of reusable material. So not only are we deconstructing plants, we’re then selling parts of it overseas for re-use.”

“That’s only one reason we stand apart,” he continues. “We also  concentrate on only very niche areas. We don’t subscribe to the mentality of ‘be able to do everything for everyone.’ Instead, we know what we’re good at, and that’s what we advertise to our clients.”

Due to their focus and understanding of their capabilities, Liberty Industrial has been able to earn and complete some of the largest demolition jobs Australia has seen in the last 15 years. Those same qualities also brought Liberty Industrial to the finals of the World Demolition Awards in 2012 – making them the first Australian company to earn that distinction.

The technical advantage

Liberty Industrial is parent to another business called ASI (Applied Science International) Australia, for which they are the exclusive agents of Extreme Loading Software (ELS). ELS is a software package developed by ASI in the United States that uses unique simulation technology for three dimensionally modelling and analysing the demolition of structures. With that technology, they can visually demonstrate to clients what would happen to their building in a number of ‘what-if’ scenarios – such as a terrorist attack, bomb blasts, earthquakes, cyclonic force winds and other unplanned disasters.

“Primarily we use it for demolition simulation,” says Clinton. “We’re able to use it to refine our methodology and mitigate risk. We can model a structure, determine where we want to weaken and demolish it, and then run the simulation to help determine how to best refine our plan.”

“For example,” he continues, “we can put an earthquake under a building, or we can put a cyclone on a structure, and then see in real time how it reacts under those circumstances. Perhaps we want a building to fall a particular way, so we’ll simulate cutting out some of the legs under the building, run the software and see which way it’s predicted to fall and how it reacts in a weakened state. And we can do all of this literally months in advance of actually starting on the work. None of our competitors can boast that sort of capability.”

Happy customers

According to Clinton, the company’s technology and capabilities goes a long way to making them successful, but it doesn’t get them all the way there. Their goal is to be the best at what they do, and to truly achieve that, he says they also need to focus on strong customer service.

“We’ve never had any problems building strong relationships,” he says. “Both of the Directors, including myself, are very hands-on. We’re able to network, market, handle business development, win a contract with a client, undertake the work, and still be involved in the actual day-to-day running of the work sites.”

“We’re not a business that is so big as to be removed from the work,” he adds. “We’re not the sort of company that networks and earns a contract then backs away afterward, we’re very much hands on.”

Clinton says that he and his partner Simon Gill personally travel the country to meet clients and join them on site visits. They will also keep in clients with them throughout their project, and will ensure that the job is completed “ successfully and safely.”

“We have  a philosophy here that we’re only as good as our last project, so we want repeat business,” he says. “Getting repeat business means we know we’re doing a good job, and that’s what we want for clients – to work for them time and time again, and to continue offering the same great service.”

Moving forward, Clinton says the company will continue to expand their demolition and deconstruction presence, but will also diversify their portfolio to include civil construction work. He says that will happen in the next five months.

“It’s the type of work where we utilise the same equipment, and it invariably flows on from after a demolition project,” he says. “So we’ve recognized that we can offer that service – we have the technical capability, we have the personnel, and we have the experience.”

“Other than that, we want to take our business to the international level,” he concludes. “There’s no place we can’t work, as far as we’re concerned – because we have the skillset. Even though we may not be local, if we can show a client we can do it better than their other options, then we’ll go and do it.”

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