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JW Construction
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JW Construction
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JW Construction
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JW Constructions is a multi-award winning residential and commercial building company based in Queensland. The company specialises in building high quality custom and architecturally designed homes, renovations and extensions and prides themselves on the exceptional working relationships they form with clients and architectural firms. By incorporating their core values of teamwork, integrity, quality, accountability and communication into all aspect of their daily business, JW Constructions makes each project a success for all parties.

Jason Warren, Managing Director of JW Constructions, originally trained as a carpenter in Brisbane, honing those skills alongside craftsmen in Europe and North America. Over the years, he developed a deep appreciation for attention to detail, and his trade background – combined with vast site supervision and project management experience – has helped shape JW Constructions into a company that delivers only the highest standards of workmanship, project management, contracts administration and document control.

Originally, Warren did not plan on starting a business. “I sort of fell into it,” he says. “I’d been working on high end custom homes in the States for about five years and really enjoyed that type of work. I figured it’d be worth pursuing here, and it just happened. I’ve just kept moving from there.”

Since their debut in 2004, JW Constructions has quietly built a sustainable presence in the Sunshine Coast region based on proven performance, value added service, and sensitivity to the needs of their clients. At any one time, the company is working on up to three projects, depending on the magnitude of the job. Those projects are generally very detailed, and can last up to 22 months.

“You have to resist the temptation to chase every job out there,” Warren says. “We try pick a couple of nice projects, work with good clients, and do a really good job with them. We want to keep it to a size that’s manageable and we can produce a product that we are happy with and the clients our happy with.”

Most of JW’s business stems from referrals – which is the best indicator of customer satisfaction there is. According to Warren, it is the company’s focus on looking after their customers that sets them apart in the marketplace.

“We’ve got a proven record of producing a good quality project and a good quality result,” he says. “We also have a good record of being easy to deal with for the clients. We try to make it as enjoyable, smooth and easy as possible for them. We look after them and make sure they’re getting the best value for money and the best quality we can produce. We’re very committed to getting the results.”

Internally, JW’s relationships are equally as solid. They like to do their own carpentry work, so the size of their team fluctuates depending on the type of projects they are currently taking on.

“We like to have good, tight relationships with our employees,” he says. “We expect good results out of them, but we also try and treat them well and give them an opportunity to work on some good quality projects. We’re pretty fair and easygoing. We’re not the ranting and raving type of employers, who make a lot of noise. We like it nice and low-key, where everything is calm and in control – but we expect a good result.”

The company’s relationships with suppliers and subcontractors are also strong. “We do like to stick with a subcontractor base,” Warren says. “We’ve got a network of good quality subcontractors we rely on and work with, and build relationships with.”

By running a well organised and well managed job site, as well as business, JW Constructions have made themselves a company people like to work for. “They all tell me they enjoy working on our projects because they’re well organised and well run,” says Warren. “That gives them the opportunity to perform and make money and work with as few hassles as possible. That earns respect from them.”

Well recognised

Over the years, JW Constructions has been repeatedly recognised by the Housing Industry Association for the quality of their custom built homes. In 2009, for instance, they won a plethora of awards including Sunshine Coast Custom Built Home of the Year, Sunshine Coast Home of the Year, Queensland Custom Build Home of the Year, and Queensland Home of the Year – not to mention Trade Contractor of the Year for Carpentry.

“It’s nice to have some recognition that people appreciate the work that you do, and that you are able to produce a good product. They are nice accolades to have,” Warren says.

JW Constructions does not build specifically to collect awards, however. “We build for our clients first and foremost,” Warren says. “The awards are nice accolades on top of it. If we’ve had a successful project with a very happy client, and the job ran well – that’s our priority, that’s the real award.”

According to Warren, the future for JW Constructions is “more of the same.”

“We’re going to continue at the level we’re at,” he explains. “I enjoy being interactive with our clients, and being interactive with our staff and our subcontractors on site. I’d like to keep it so I am involved in that part of the business. I don’t want to lose that, because that’s the most rewarding part of building.”

“Our goal is to continue as we are,” he concludes. “It’s to be well recognised within our region. It’s to grow that rapport with clients, increase the confidence they have within our business, and keep having them referring their friends to us.”