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Like many of the most successful businesses in Australia, Industrial Galvanizers Corporation began as a family run business. Since it was founded in 1968, the business has grown considerably through development and acquisition, building an impressive catalogue of galvanizing sites across Australia.

In 2010, the company was acquired by the global Valmont Group. They now serve all the major markets across the country, and specialise in applying hot-dip galvanizing to extend the service life and visual appeal of a variety of steel products. The experience and skill of their staff, combined with the backing of the Valmont Group, makes them a “nationwide leader,” says Alex Spillett, Brand & Business Development Manager.

“We provide galvanizing solutions that deliver quality results and add value,” he explains. “We have the capacity to coat more than 135,000 tonnes of steel each year, and our experienced teams provide advice throughout the process.”

National scope, local focus

Industrial Galvanizers Corporation is a national company with established sites across Australia. In Queensland, they have a site in Townsville, as well as two sites in Brisbane at Pinkenba and Carole Park. In New South Wales, they are located in Newcastle, Port Kembla and Sydney. Victoria is served through a large, modern site in Melbourne, and Tasmania by one in Launceston.

Within these eight sites, the company operates 11 galvanizing ‘kettles’, providing capacity for both large structural work as well as centrifuging (‘spinning’) of smaller components such as fasteners, fittings and gas bottles. As well as hot-dip galvanizing, Industrial Galvanizers can also provide freight for customers who need a pick-up and drop-off service.

According to Spillett, Industrial Galvanizers’ solution has a broad range of potential applications. “The corrosion protection of hot-dip galvanizing can be used for any steel structure or item from a fastener, to a box trailer, up to something very large like architectural structures,” he says. “We service everyone from large engineering companies to smaller fabricators.”

Industrial Galvanizers is always ready to take on large or small projects, and meet the needs of the client. “Our turnaround times vary from overnight through to several days – depending on the size and complexity of the project, or the customers’ delivery requirements,” said Spillett. This flexibility when it comes to fulfilling their clients’ needs has allowed the company to build up a strong name within the industry.

“We have a reputation for reliability, so if we promise something we will do our utmost achieve it,” explains Spillett. “Our quality has also set us apart – but really it is all about customer service, and it’s our responsiveness that makes our business different from others.”

“Industrial Galvanizers is also the largest galvanizing group in Australia and that comes with many advantages for customers – including our national service, and back-up on both a national and local level,” Spillett says. Again, that level of support has earned them the loyalty of many customers over the years.

“We have people who trust us exclusively with their coating needs, and the relationships that we form are generally long-lasting and strong,” says Spillett.

These relationships, he comments, are first built by the sales team – and then they’re maintained by the operations team, who deliver a quality solution for the customer.

Passion makes it work

According to Spillett, Industrial Galvanizers has been successful due to the strength of their team. He says that in over 45 years of operations they have developed an unrivalled level of experience and technical expertise.

“Without our team of people, we are just a collection of buildings, tanks and cranes. It’s our people, and their passion, that makes it all work,” Spillett says simply.

When talking about Industrial Galvanizers’ team, Spillett says he’s not just referring to the people they employ directly – he’s also including the company’s suppliers. Those relationships are highly valued, he explains, and the majority of them have spanned many years.

Over the years, Industrial Galvanizers’ team – from their suppliers to their direct employees – have worked together to deliver a long list of quality projects. Many of those projects have gone on to be recognised at the Steel Design awards, which everyone at the company is very proud of.

“It’s very important to us to have that sort of recognition,” Spillett says. “We really value it for two reasons: the first is that it provides us with a case study that increases our credibility with potential customers and our own customer base.”

“Secondly, for the guys who are actually doing the work on the shop floor,” he adds. “They don’t often see a whole project assembled until the very end; they will only see bits of steel being dipped. But when they see the final product, and get to look at an award-winning structure, they can say ‘we galvanized that, and it looks great.’”

Spillett reiterates that Industrial Galvanizers has been able to achieve these award winning results due to their strong partnerships. He says they have earned that recognition by working very closely with the people and companies that have sourced galvanizing from them.

“With galvanized steel, the outcome is dependent on the quality of the steel that you start with and how well the venting and draining holes are included in the design,” he explains. “The earlier that conversation begins the better the outcome.”

Industrial Galvanizers also takes their process control very seriously, which is another important factor that adds to the quality of the finished product.

Moving forward, Spillett predicts Industrial Galvanizers will continue to contribute to award-winning products. He says they will continue to develop the experience and expertise of their team, and relationships with new and existing customers. By doing that, Industrial Galvanizers will continue to improve their processes and remain able to react quickly to industry demands.

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