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Electrical elegance

i-Lec Solutions
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i-LEC Solutions is a quality provider of specialised electrical services. From the start, they have provided clientele in the commercial, industrial, government and residential sectors with the best electrical contracting and civil earthworks services available on the market. Time and time again, their dedicated team of professionals have delivered quality solutions, on time and within budget.

The company was founded in 2010, and established by Phil Young, who has over 15 years’ experience in the industry, including more than 10 years with the Department of Main Roads. While he was there, Phil was responsible for electrical inspections and delivering infrastructure projects. During this time, he also took the role of Project Manager for RoadTek Traffic Services, the commercial arm of the department that actually delivered construction and maintenance work.

“There came a stage where I realised there was a gap in the market for a private operator to deliver the same works I was already doing, but more efficiently and with a customer-centric approach.”

“That’s when i-LEC was born,” he recalls. “It was started in order to fill that niche and eventually deliver those same infrastructure projects.”

Phil started the business with the view to provide specialist traffic infrastructure expertise, and then to grow into project delivery. After a couple of months of success, the business started to take on more tradesmen and apprentices, which allowed them to expand their scope of work.

In the years since the company was established, i-LEC Solutions has taken on traffic works for local Councils and Main Roads, and has been awarded major electrical contracts for projects like the Cairns Bruce Highway Upgrade. They have expanded their services to include civil works, invested heavily in plant and skilled personnel, and built their team to include more than 25 dedicated contracting professionals.

Today, i-LEC specialises in electrical infrastructure projects and maintenance, and also general commercial electrical contracting. They are also proven suppliers of larger projects, and have the resources necessary to complete earthworks for any electrical, plumbing, building and landscaping project.

Honesty and integrity
“We’ve built a reputation on delivering quality projects,” says Phil, describing what sets the company apart. “We are in quite a specialised area of electrical infrastructure, and our team is highly skilled at what they do.”

“We also value open and honest communication with all stakeholders,” he adds. “And we tend to hire people who share these values. Our team ensures customers are well aware of what to expect, and keep them informed throughout the project.

“Integrity is a very big part of our business, along with the honesty and transparency that comes along with it. We consider these values absolute necessary for delivering a quality project and maintaining strong relationships with our customers.”

According to Phil, i-LEC is set apart by their focus on “solutions.” At every stage of a project, they work hard to complete the task to a high standard, never attempting “short-cuts or quick fixes.”

“Everything comes down to maintaining frequent conversation with our customers, and keeping them up-to-date every step along the way,” he says.

In general, i-LEC works very hard at maintaining the integrity of all their relationships – including the relationships they have with their team members.

“I have very high expectations of the staff,” says Phil. “Honest communication in our business is not just for customers – it’s for our team as well. I regularly talk to them about what’s expected, how it needs to be done, and I make sure to review the quality of their work.”

“We also look after our people and ensure of their complete safety,” he adds. “And we invest heavily in their education — we’re always conducting additional training to improve their capability and keep them up-to-date for the work that they’re doing.”

As a company, i-LEC Solutions also fosters close relationships with their suppliers and subcontractors. These days, they may not subcontract out a lot of work – because they have built up a wide range of capabilities in-house – but the subcontractors they do work with, they tend to stick with.

“Once they’ve proven their capability, reliability, and workmanship, we continue to use them,” Phil says. “Those are the type of people we want to work with, to build up relationships and thereby get better service in return through their continued loyalty.”

Industry recognised
At the 2013 North Queensland Excellence Awards, the Master Electricians Australia acknowledged the best and brightest electrical contractors for their contributions to the industry. A total of 14 awards were handed out, and the coveted Master Electrician of the Year was awarded to i-LEC for its high standards in safety, quality workmanship and procedural excellence.

Phil says that he highly values that achievement – as does the company as a whole. At the event, he said that being considered as a finalist was reward enough, but actually taking the title was “an amazing honour.”

“It’s a fantastic achievement and we’re really, really proud of it,” he adds. “The Master Electricians, as an industry body, are the best at what they do and to be recognised by such an organisation is a major milestone.”

“We’ve worked really hard to build a strong business model and a great chain of people who can rigorously implement all our policies and procedures, and produce a great outcome for our customers.”

This award in particular is a big step towards the company’s long term goals. The official vision of the company, as stated in their profile, is to be the construction and maintenance specialist of choice to government, corporations, and developers for small, medium, and large electrical and civil infrastructure projects in Northern Queensland.

Winning the Master Electrician Award shows the company that the industry recognises their hard work, and proves that they are well on their way to achieving their vision.

“It’s about being the specialist of choice,” says Phil. “We have chosen specific areas to specialise in, and we strive to be the best provider of these services. There’s a lot of opportunity for us to continue to expand the capability of our business, to provide an even more integrated solution for our customers, and in new markets.

“We really believe that means a strong future for our business,” he concludes. “Those opportunities are the springboards of success to private companies like ours.”

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