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Haldwell Bennett
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Hallweld Bennett Pty Ltd is a designer and supplier of a huge range of building and safety products, and access and safety systems. Over the years, the quality of their solutions has earned the company an unrivalled industry reputation. Today, they are known for their innovation, their experience, and their commitment to meeting their customer’s needs.

The history of the company begins with Hallweld Limited, which was started by Alfred Hall in 1905, and was created to be a supplier of mining goods and equipment to Broken Hill. Over the years, the business grew, honing an innovative technique in business and technology that inevitably led them to becoming pioneers of Electric Arc Welding in Australia.

By designing and manufacturing its own machinery, the company was in a strong position during World War II to start providing handmade walkway gratings for numerous purposes in sectors both industrial and commercial, as well as for ships produced in Whyalla by BHP.

In 1987, the company merged with another successful engineering business and the gestalt entity was renamed Hallweld Bennett. The merger allowed the new business to double its production.

“It’s always been a family-based company, we’re very close and easy to work with,” says Joe Tindal, Managing Director at Hallweld Bennett. “The jobs we’ve done have been quite varied, and our direction has changed throughout the business’s existence.”

“It’s always been interesting here,” he adds. “We’ve never been complacent with what we have achieved and always looked for new opportunities. There’s lots of diversity and change.”

Today, Hallweld’s main operations are in St Morris, in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. Their customers are based throughout South Australia.  While walkways are still a major part of the business, the company now primarily specialises in access equipment and safety systems, especially in fall-arrest systems for a wide spectrum of clientele. This equipment is built to ensure safety whether vertical or horizontal, as well as at heights or on the ground. With a wide variety of components, materials, and finishes available, every safety system made is a unique, one-of-a-kind product all on its own.

A reputation for commitment

Hallweld Bennett is one of the premier providers of fabrication services and safety products to their region. According to Joe, the company has achieved their success on the back of their experience, as well as their unwavering commitment to customer service.

“What sets us apart is our long history,” he explains. “We’ve been around for long time, which shows we are here to stay and can be relied on. We also work closely with people to get them the project that they want, rather than what might be the easiest for us, we are happiest going the extra yard for the good of the project.”

“It’s about striving to understand what it is they’re hoping to achieve,” he continues. “We want to figure out what they think they need to provide or facilitate, and what they need to do to meet the regulatory requirements of their particular project. With that knowledge, we help them look at easier or simpler alternative, or we suggest systems with other advantages. We go through all those sort of steps to try and give them the best solution they can get, rather than the most straightforward or simple solution.”

Hallweld Bennett is also set apart by the strength of their team – which includes both their direct staff and their roster of subcontractors as well. Many of their team members have been with the business for a long time, and bring a strong history of experience to their roles.

“We rely on each other’s strengths here,” Joe says. “Everyone knows what everyone else does well and what each of our weaknesses are too. It’s close and tight here – we work as a team on some projects, and work independently on others. There’s always a variety of what we’re working on at any given time.”

“We’ve established long term relationships with subcontractors as well,” he adds. “A lot of them even trained with us, so we really know them well and we have established some of the firmest working relationships around.”

Numerous options

Hallweld Bennett is incredibly skilled when it comes to developing custom safety systems, and they have always had a strong reputation for innovation. Over the years, their hard work has allowed Hallweld to offer clients unique technologies unmatched by the competition. Many of these technologies are cutting edge, and possess unmatched performance that makes the company such a pioneer in its industry.

An example of that innovation can be found in the “Capital Safety Group” systems, which provide safe access for maintenance crews to overhead cranes in large industrial operations. By utilising purposely-built stanchions or pre-existing structures, Hallweld can provide a properly engineered installation that will ensure employees can carry out their tasks at extreme heights while in complete safety.

The company can also offer the UCL range of Confined Space Access equipment, which has been designed for the sole purpose of providing safe access and retrieval in confined spaces. Many work areas in confined areas, particularly in older facilities, were not designed with modern day’s regulations in mind. The UCL range compensates for this, and can be used in such areas as manholes, tanks, vertical inclines, rescues, and other numerous situations.

Another area Hallweld provides a wide variety of solutions for is the hazardous task of gutter cleaning. With their Titan Access and Safety Systems, they can provide a series of single anchor points can be provided for a safe, flexible, and economical system to protect workers. In more difficult to reach areas, they can set up a continuous cable system to allow movement along roofs horizontally, vertically, up inclines, and even around corners. Using such a system means the worker does not need to detach and re-attach when changing directions.

Moving forward, the goal for Hallweld is to continue that innovative streak, and continue to introduce new products and diversify into new areas. Key to that, Joe says, is staying up-to-date with the often-changing industry regulations.

“We always have to understand the implications of the changes to the industry,” he explains. “We need to understand how the changes will be applied, and how our clients will be impacted. That’s how we best assist them.”

“It’s all about our customers,” Joe adds. “Our goal has always been to provide them with the best systems and products possible – and it always will be.”

For more information, please visit their website at:    Hallweld Bennett

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