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Grant Martyn Constructions
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Grant Martyn Constructions
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Keeping clients happy

Grant Martyn
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Grant Martyn Constructions is a multi-award winning building company based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Over the years, they have built a skilled and dedicated workforce, and an extensive list of loyal clients. Today, they have an almost unrivalled reputation for building high quality resort-style and architectural homes.

“I’ve never been one for advertising,” says Grant Martyn, Managing Director of the company. “I’ve never had to. All our business comes from word of mouth, and I take the faith that clients put in me very seriously. I feel privileged to deliver their dream homes.”

Grant established the company in Buderim, in February 2002. He started in the building industry 10 years earlier as an apprentice under his father. Following his graduation, he earned his builders licence and struck out on his own soon after.

“I grew up in the industry,” Grant recalls. “On school holidays I was always on site with my father, helping him out. Starting my own construction company was a no-brainer.”

Open and honest

Today, Grant Martyn Constructions works primarily on the Sunshine Coast, but has also been known to venture as far as Brisbane and Hervey Bay. The value of their projects tends to be around the $1 million range for an architecturally designed home – but Grant also believes in diversifying, so the company has also earned experience doing renovations and building multi-residential projects as well.

“We try and cover all bases,” he says.

No matter what the project is, however, Grant explains that his company is set apart by “honesty, first and foremost.”

“From the very first meeting with a client we are open and honest,” he explains. “We listen to them, and we understand exactly what their needs are and what they are after.”

“And we don’t talk too much,” he adds. “Nowadays, people do their homework. They know who you are and that you’re capable before they ring you up. So you don’t need to go on and on about yourself. But listening is important.”

At the start of the process, Grant says he asks clients for a “wish-list,” and he encourages them to put anything and everything in there. He says the more information he has, the more he and the designer can incorporate in the client’s plans.

Later in the process, once the details have been hammered out, Grant Martyn Constructions continues to foster strong relationships. In fact, Grant says that maintaining those relationships is a point of pride.

“Clients are entrusting us to build the greatest investment of their lives,” he says. “So I pride myself on having a good working relationship with them both during construction and after. I want them to feel confident and stress free.”

Industry recognised

Grant Martyn Construction commitment to quality has not gone unnoticed by the industry. In 2007, for example, they won the Queensland Master Builders Association award for Home Renovation / Remodeling up to $350,000. They followed that up in 2008 with another QMBA award for Individual Home up to $9000,000.

Most recently, at the 2013 awards, they received the accolade for Low-Rise Multi-Residential Housing (Duplexes & Townhouses).

“That’s a massive feather in your cap,” Grant says of the recognition. “It’s nice to hear from your peers in the industry that you’re doing the right thing.”

He credits the company’s multi-award winning performance to their “good old fashioned service.” He reiterates that they are open and honest, and says their mission has always been to do a good job for clients at a fair price.

“That’s what we do,” he says. “It’s not rocket science, but it’s very much appreciated by the people we work for.”

He also credits the consistent recognition to the calibre of his team. Almost all of the company’s subcontractors and suppliers have been with Grant from day one. That is another point of pride for him.

“We all work together to solve problems and achieve the best possible outcome,” he says. “I’m very happy to say that most of my guys have been with me for a long time.”

“It makes clients feel more comfortable too,” he adds. “They like to know that we’ve been working with our trades for a long time, and that we work well together.”

When it comes to the company’s most recent award – for Low-Rise Multi-Residential Housing – Grant also praises the work of the architect. They worked with him closely on that project, and Grant says he really enjoyed the process.

“His main focal point was energy efficiency and sustainability,” Grant recalls. “Everything was designed and built to minimise the electricity bill and reduce carbon emissions. We included thermal insulation all the way around the whole building, and we had the windows positioned to face North-East to allow for the optimal amount of natural sunlight. We thought about every little thing on the house, and it was a pleasure to work on it.”

“As soon as I saw the plans, and saw the detail that the architect put into it, I thought we were onto a winner,” he adds.

Moving forward, Grant says he’d like to be involved with more sustainable projects, for a couple reasons. Firstly, sustainability is a passion of his.  Secondly, he recognises that’s the direction the market is headed – and he considers it important to keep up to date with the times.

 “The market’s ever-changing, and you have to change with it or you’re going to lose clients,” he says. “You always have to be on the front foot and be ready to adapt. You have to be willing to change, and you have to be willing to improve.”

“One thing that will never change, though, is our honesty and good old fashioned service,” he concludes. “We’ll always keep trying to make the client happy.”

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