Exclusive Commercial Linings

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Better ideas, better service

Exclusive Commercial Linings is an award-winning Perth and South Australian based company specialising in commercial ceilings and walls. For over a decade, they have strived to be at the forefront of their industry, leading the way in both the quality of their product offering and the quality of their customer care. Their motto is “Better Ideas, Better Service,” and they believe that by constantly delivering both, they can create long-term relationships with every stakeholder, and earn repeat business at every level.

“Our goal is to give our customers, suppliers, and employees the same really high quality experience all across the board,” says John Indrizzi, director of the company. “No matter where we’re working, who we’re working with, and no matter the size of the project, we want to deliver the same innovation and the same level of service.”

John has personally been working in the construction industry for almost 30 years – first as a cabinet-maker and later as a ceiling-fixer. Today, under the ‘Exclusive Commercial Linings’ banner, he and his team operate throughout all of Western Australia and South Australia, including in mine sites and regional areas. Their work includes everything from shopping centres, to airports, casinos medical suites, hospitals, universities, high-rise apartment buildings, sports pavilions, schools, churches, and aged care facilities. Oftentimes, they are delivering unique one-off designs, and they are providing clients with a total solution from design through to handover.

According to John, the company’s ability to adapt to the specific requirements of each and every client is what sets them apart. They can be that adaptable, he explains, because they make sure they are always operating “at the coalface” of every project.

“We’re at the site, we’re on tap, we’re available throughout the entire duration of a project,” he says. “We make sure we have key employees, dedicated to that project, and they are there and available at all times.”

With their repeat customers, John adds that Exclusive Commercial Linings goes “above and beyond” even before the project is commences. During the tender stage, they will often take the time to submit both conforming tenders as well as value-added alternatives that could save the client time and money. That can be time-consuming and even costly, but John believes the investment is worth it, as it helps their clients win work and helps them build lasting relationships.

And they do build lasting relationships – John estimates that the vast majority of their work comes from repeat clients, with some customers going back over a decade.

Award-winning innovation

In recent years, Exclusive Commercial Linings has worked on some of the highest profile and most technically complex jobs in Western Australia. One recent example would be the Cockburn ARC facility in Fremantle, which included a new training facility and head office for the Fremantle Dockers Football Club, as well as an independent aquatic and recreation centre for the community.

Another example would be an ongoing project in South Australia – the Adelaide International Airport, where they were awarded a contract over $10 million in value. There, they are working on the terminal expansion with one builder, while also doing a fit out at the Virgin Australia Lounge for another.

The extremely high calibre of the Exclusive Commercial Linings’ work on those kinds of jobs has not only earned them acclaim from clients, but also by the industry as a whole. For example, at the 2019 Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards, the company’s contribution to the Mandurah Forum shopping centre upgrade won them the title of ‘Subcontractor of the Year.’

“That means a lot to us,” John says. “I think the Master Builders is a wonderful organisation committed to our industry. They are highly respected; they are the best of the best. I hold them in high regard, as does, I feel, the industry. So to win an award from them is fantastic.”

“It gives a real sense of pride to everyone involved the project,” he adds. “To be recognised on a state or national level, you can just see on everybody’s faces how it makes them feel. They’re absolutely proud to be associated with the award.”

The Mandurah Forum shopping centre upgrade – the award-recognised job – encompassed more than 50,000 square metres of retail space. The finishes to the ceilings and walls were all bespoke, and were designed to be extremely intricate. Exclusive Commercial Linings not only delivered the finishes to a very high standard, they also completed their scope ahead of schedule.

According to Judge Tony Lakis, the company was recognised for their excellence on virtually every facet of the delivery – including their quality of construction, their attention to detail, their relationship with the builder and other trades, the degree of difficulty of the job, and their safety, site and environmental management.

In addition, Mr Lakis commended Exclusive Commercial Linings for being “very innovative.” He praised the way they made 3D computer surveys on site, and then sent them to the factory so materials could be made to the exact requirements.

“The system was very efficient and allowed the work to be done with no waste of time or space or money,” Mr Lakis said.

“The custom finishes were a perfect fit, even around irregularly shaped skylights,” he added.

John credits the success of that project to all the time and effort that he and his team invested during the design phase. He says they worked closely with the architect and builder for over five months, thinking through the job so thoroughly that when they finally arrived on site, progress was “quick and seamless.”

“That process is what led to the award, I believe,” he says. “We did so much pre-planning and pre-drilling. Under traditional construction methods, there would have been so many delays, so many of the areas of the mall would have been inaccessible for so long. The way we did it, we gave the builder a lot of flexibility.”

“The speed in which we delivered it was phenomenal,” he adds. “We finished that project much earlier than expected – at least two months ahead of program. That all stems from the design.”

The architect on that project was Hames Sharley, and the builder and project manager was Multiplex – both companies that Exclusive Commercial Linings has worked with before, and with whom they enjoy very collaborative partnerships. John says that collaboration has been essential to the company’s success.

John also credits that success to his suppliers, who he describes as the most reputable and reliable in the business. As an example, he says they frequently work with Perth Plasterboard Centre and Autex Acoustics, a company whose diverse range of products are known for leading the way in the industry.

Like many of Exclusive Commercial Linings’ suppliers, Perth Plasterboard Centre & Autex are both longstanding companies, with many years’ experience in the experience in the education, commercial, and residential sectors, and a long history of innovation. They also share Exclusive Commercial Linings’ values, including their commitment to listening to customers and adapting to their needs, as well as their emphasis on operating as energy-efficiently and environmentally-friendly as possible.

According to John, those are the values that the company looks for when selecting all of their suppliers and subcontractors. And when they find partners that tick those boxes, they tend to hold on to them, just like they do clients. John says they have been working with some of the same companies for up to 10 years, and he expects those relationships to continue to strengthen over time.

“We highly value those relationships,” he says. “We consider every person or organisation we work with to be equally important.”

“And we’re not just about prices,” he adds. “That’s definitely an important part, but there are so many other factors that we consider when looking at suppliers.”

Always being better

Moving forward, Exclusive Commercial Linings will continue to take on high profile and challenging projects – both in Western Australia, South Australia and beyond.

“We’re going to stick within our market sector,” John says. “Those larger Tier-1 projects are what we like to do. We’ll take on smaller projects, of course, don’t get me wrong, but where we perform best is on that larger stage.”

“We’ve gone into South Australia in the last couple years,” he adds, “and I can see us branching into other states in the future as well. That’s definitely in the cards. We’ve got such a good business model, and such strong operational procedures, that we feel like we can pick our business up and place it anywhere. That’s what we’ve done in South Australia, and it’s worked extremely well.”

The company’s growth and expansion will also mean more opportunities for their staff, and John says that “providing opportunities for our staff is second to none.” He claims they have a very strong corporate culture, and he believes that emphasis on internal development is one of the main reasons why.

“We have a really low turnover of staff,” he says. “We want to keep that up. We want to promote growth within the company and provide opportunities for people. When they have ideas, we want them to come to us and know that we’re going to listen.”

“That’s something else that sets us apart – we listen,” he adds. “We have a young, exciting, and innovative team and we’re always looking for better ways to do something. We’re not afraid of change. Just because something’s been done a certain way for a number of years doesn’t mean we’ll always do it that way. We’re always willing to challenge convention and look for a better, more innovative way to do it.”

“Thus, ‘Better Ideas, Better Service,’” he concludes. “It’s that simple.”For more on Exclusive Commercial Linings, their range of services, and their past projects – and to get in touch with John and his team – visit http://www.exclusivelinings.com.au/