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The Easton Builders Difference

Easton BuildersOver 20 years ago, Craig Easton founded Easton Builders, a company primarily focussing on residential construction projects in Melbourne. Today, Easton Builders are renowned in the industry as specialists in high-end commercial, residential and retail construction. Easton Builders has an impeccable reputation built around strong relationships with clients, architects, interior designers and consultants – and, for doing remarkable work.


Founder and Managing Director of Easton Builders, Craig entered a carpentry apprenticeship after leaving school, where he received the grounding for what was to become a lifetime career in the construction industry. Self employed as a qualified carpenter from 1982, in four short years Craig gained recognition as a registered builder. It was here that he developed an eye for detail and a fastidious expectation of quality and soon after, in 1990 Easton Builders was born.


Craig has personally overseen the commercial, residential and retail growth of the business from a small residential builder to a multi-award winning company and boasting over 30 years of experience in the building industry, is the driving force behind the quality that has earned Easton Builders its reputation as one of Australia’s most prestigious builders.


Easton Builders work closely with all parties involved in each project to ensure a clear, upfront understanding and to allow for the optimum results for both clients and the team of subcontractors. Recognising the need for constant communication throughout all phases of the building and planning processes, at the head of all projects is Craig Easton himself. Working directly with the founder of the company, clients are assured of the importance that is placed on their needs.


“Our reputation is built around strong relationships with the teams of people we work with, that focus on one common goal – the client’s objectives.” says Craig.

Custom buildings – custom teams

Easton Builders understands that every project is unique and whether big or small, all projects have unique components, deadlines and client desires. Acknowledging this, and that different individuals carry with them different strengths, Easton Builders not only creates custom projects, it develops a custom team of specialists. Based on the needs of every project and its clients, the teams consist of architects, interior designers, consultants, planners and construction crews.

Easton Builders also has a large network of over 150 subcontractors, all with a strong carpentry base, allowing for alternative options and choice in all categories. While it is important that it uses the appropriate contractor for each specific job, Easton Builders are still firm believers in loyalty. “We believe we are only as good as the subcontractors that work for us,” says Craig. “We’re known for high end quality construction, so we really need that high end level of subcontractor.” If a subcontractor proves themselves time and time again, you can bet Easton Builders will continue using their services.

When asked about how Easton Builders is unique within the industry, Craig’s response is simple. “We have always been known for a high level of service and high quality work, the teams of people, the environment and the culture that we create – it’s service oriented to deliver quality projects.” Craig also personally oversees all projects from beginning to end, saying “We want to prove ourselves to our clients and keep raising the bar.” Easton Builders understands that when commencing a project, it is also beginning a new relationship with a client – a relationship that matters.

Unlike some of the larger construction companies, Easton Builders only takes on about 30 projects a year that vary between high-end residential and substantial commercial work, ranging in price from $1 million to $20 million.

Management and Quality Control

Through its management and the quality systems put in place, Easton Builders has earned a reputation for ensuring projects consistently happen on time and on budget. These systems that safeguard successful project delivery include thorough project contracts to ensure a transparent process, preliminary design meetings to minimise potential complications and a defined program to ensure all parties can monitor project progress. These programs are created prior to the commencement of all projects, are designed in conjunction with the client and are constantly updated to accommodate for any changes during the documentation and on-site stages.

Employed from the preliminary drawings through to the company’s after-sales service, the quality control systems ensure Easton Builders meet all of their client’s expectations first time around. Throughout the entire process, the work done by subcontractors and the quality of materials that are being provided by suppliers are being monitored and audited by Easton Builders, who at the same time are ensuring that costs are kept within the limits specified by the client.

All of Easton Builders’ project managers who oversee these systems are degree qualified in construction management and site management personnel are all highly experienced and skilled tradespeople. This balance of qualification, professionalism and skill benefits every facet of the building process, which guarantees budget accuracy, efficiency and exceptional outcomes every time. Quality building on time and on budget – that’s the Easton Builders way.

Easton Builders’ Projects

Easton Builders has completed some of Australia’s finest retail projects that include international brand names Giorgio Armani, Hermes and Tiffany & Co., as well as local icons including Scanlan & Theodore, Calibre and Mambo. Giorgio Armani is an award winning project that took place over a four month period and features a range of innovative design elements and materials, with the finished product boasting the impeccable finish and attention to detail that Easton Builders is renowned for.

Easton Builders lays claim to an impressive list of commercial and hospitality projects which include Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, The Beresford Hotel, The Bank Hotel and the Roxy Complex.  Easton Builders has also completed work within the international retail market, with a substantial amount of its work taking place at Melbourne Airport on large scale projects.

In the residential space, Easton Builders is currently hard at work on a number of significant private residence renovation and extension projects in some of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs.

Easton Builders has won over 15 notable awards in the last decade, including recognition from Masters Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV), the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) and the Australia Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association (ASOFIA). In 2007-2008 the company won the RAIA award for Commercial Architecture and was a finalist for the RAIA Residential Architecture award.

What’s in store for Easton Builders?

Easton Builders is currently undergoing a major growth strategy with some exciting projects on the horizon. Craig says, “We’re seeing a really busy environment again and it’s looking very positive. We’re building off the brand and reputation that we’ve built up over the last 20 years, to continue doing what we do best.”