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Engineering vision

Douglas Partners
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Douglas Partners is an Australian engineering and related consulting services firm, and world-renowned for their incredible customer service and commitment to excellence. They believe the key to providing practical, cost-effective and timely advice involves listening to clients’ problems, ideas and opinions. They then apply the knowledge gained from 50 years of experience and 60,000 projects with helpful, hands-on solutions.

The motto at the company at is pretty straightforward: “Keep it simple, get it right, do it well.”

The staffing at Douglas Partners includes a wide range of diverse skillsets for any problem, including geotechnics, environmental protection, groundwater and laboratory testing. They number over 350 engineers and scientist employees throughout Australia, with regional offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth.

They also have branch offices in Cairns, Campbelltown, Gladstone, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Towsville, Wollongong and Central Coast. The company’s success is unquestionably due in part to the skills and efforts of their people.

Douglas Partners’ capabilities are vast. Their consulting services provide clients with a range of integrated and specialist skills, all with the aim of delivering practical solutions across a large number of engineering business sectors. Some examples include: telecommunications, mining, sports & recreation, land development, energy & resources, defense, water, property & buildings, transport, and healthcare.

Clients use the company primarily to manage the geotechnical, environmental and groundwater risks associated with their various projects.

Award-winning service

The BRW Client Choice Awards are a special and highly prestigious set of honors, which are held yearly by Beaton Research + Consulting. The list of contender firms includes taxes, engineering, accounting, research and law, among many others.

Unlike other awards, which are judged by panels or through submissions, the BRW Client Choice Awards are determined by more than ‘who you know.’ Instead, they are judged through quantitative research into the actual perceptions of firms’ current clients. That simple fact makes the BRW Client Choice Awards one of the most sought-after awards in the professional world – it’s much more than a mere mantelpiece for the fireplace.

The awards – which are compiled in conjunction with the services consulting group Beaton Research + Consulting – are given based on a survey of clients across the varied professional firms. More than 40,000 respondents took part in this year’s survey alone.

For the 2013 awards, Douglas Partners was proud to take home the award for best professional services with revenue between $50 million to $200 million. This award has tremendous significance, as it marks their firm as an industry leading consultation business. It proves they provide clients with the best in professional courtesy and quality treatment.

A history of quality

The actual origins of Douglas Partners began in the early 1960s, when the late Don Douglas established and developed the geotechnical engineering and testing services of Frankipile Australia Ltd (a leading piling contractor) under the name ‘Ground Test.’ D J Douglas & Partners (now Douglas Partners) was later formed as a consultancy in 1983, following a friendly management buyout of these services.

Today, Douglas Partners maintains its reputation as a firm with a sound appreciation of the practical considerations and requirements associated with client’s projects. This is also thanks to the development of what they call “Integrated Practical Solutions,” which guide the goals of all of their projects, whatever they may be.

The company operates a network of fifteen different ISO9001 accredited offices and 9 NATA registered laboratories located throughout all of Australia. Local quality assured solutions are provided for each project based on previous experience and knowledge with the site or area in question. Many of the staff at Douglas Partners are recognised as experts in the industry, and have international experience – which gives the company knowledge of and access to the latest technology from around the world.

Increasingly, clients require a wide range of specialist technical services to satisfy their needs and overcome the constraints facing their projects. At the same time, cost pressures and shorter development timetables demand a more efficient specialist response to problems. With over 60,000 projects’ experience and knowledge of both site specific and regional conditions, Douglas Partners offers clients an integrated package of practical related services both efficiently and conveniently from a single source.

The people at Douglas Partners set high standards for themselves when It comes to the delivery of their core services, and they strive to maintain excellent and productive working relationships with all of their clients. All of Douglas Partners’ Directors and Principals are actively involved in project management, which ensures clients access to the best available technical expertise and practical experience around.

The goal of Douglas Partners is to be acknowledged leaders in their chosen fields of engineering and allied services in Australia and South East Asia, a recognition already partly bestowed upon them by various awards, both those already won and those inevitably yet to come for their highest of quality service.

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