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Building trust

Don Wood Homes
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Don Woods Homes is a custom homebuilder that specialises in delivering uniquely-styled executive homes and renovations, while providing personalised service along the way. They have been operating in Mackay for more than 10 years, and in that time they have helped a long list of clients turn their dream homes into realities.

Don Woods is the founder and owner of the company, and brings more than 40 years of history in the building industry to his role. Since starting as an apprentice, he’s worked his way up the construction ladder – acting for many years as a subcontractor, and then as a supervisor for a large company. He struck out on his own when his friends and family started coming to him to build their homes, which gave him the itch to start building professionally under his own name.

Since the inception of the business, Don Woods Homes has grown to a team of five dedicated employees, and built a loyal stable of subcontractors. The company has also earned a reputation in the region for delivering high quality upmarket projects for satisfied customers.

Smooth and simple

Today, Don Woods Homes works throughout the Mackay and Whitsunday areas of Queensland. They specialise in building uniquely-styled, boutique-type executive homes, large renovations, alterations and building repairs. They also dabble in commercial work, as well as offer colour consultancy and interior design advice.

According to Don, the company is set apart in all those fields by their personalised customer service. As the builder with his name in the title, Don deals with every client directly from start to finish, and he makes himself personally available to respond to any question or concern.

“We work with customers to make the building process smooth and as simple,” he says. “We guide them every step of the way, and keep them informed. We make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Most clients come to Don with just their ideas, which he can discuss with them and help them refine. From there, they draw up a design, and then refine it until it meets both the client’s budget and their expectations.

As a result of this one-on-one personal service, Don Woods Homes has earned the loyalty of their client base. From the start, the majority of the company’s work has come from word of mouth and repeat customers – and Don estimates that at least 90 per cent of their customers have become personal friends.

In general, Don Woods Homes is a family-oriented business that builds strong relationships on all sides. Most of their subcontractors and tradesman have been working with Don since the company started, or even prior to that.

“If anybody’s got an issue, we’re always approachable,” Don explains. “And we quite often have get-togethers and barbecues, or go out for a few drinks. That helps everyone get to know each other, and makes us a really tight-knit building company.”

“It also builds trust,” he adds. “We get to trust them and their work, and we can rely on them to do the right thing. And they can trust us to pay on time and provide a really good working environment.”

Industry recognised

The quality of Don Woods’ offering has not gone unnoticed by the industry at large. Most recently, at the 2013 MBA Awards, that quality was recognised with accolades in two different categories – for Retail Facilities up to $5 million, and Renovation / Remodelling Project $276,000 to $575,000.

“That means a hell of a lot to us,” he says of the recognition. “It means a lot when you’re being judged by your peers like that, and they find that what you’ve done is award-worthy.”

The award-winning retail facility was built on behalf of Total Workwear, and Don says it caught the judge’s attention because it was different.

“It was a tilt-up slab construction that just wasn’t the norm,” he says. “It had different shapes and ins-and-outs, and we used unique materials and techniques. We kept the Workwear feeling, but we gave it a little bit of an edge.”

As far the remodelling project, Don credits the award to the project’s beautiful end-result. He says the client was particularly happy about it, and even remarked that living there was like staying in a high-end hotel every day.

“We had to source a lot of products from Sydney and Melbourne for that, but it came together very well,” Don says. “It’s a very beautiful house, and we’re really proud of it.”

Don Woods Homes has been recognised many times in the past as well. In fact, since they started submitting their homes for award consideration in 2002, they have won in their category every single time but one. Don credits that award-winning consistency to their high standards and their depth of abilities. He says he learned those values at the beginning of his career, and has held on to them since.

“When I was an apprentice, I was being taught by an old Dutchman and he had incredibly high standards,” he recalls. “I learned everything from digging holes to furniture makings. Those skills have carried on through my working life, and I’ve passed them on to my apprentices as well.”

Don also credits his company’s awards success to his willingness to take on difficult jobs, even the ones other builders shy away from. If customers have a unique idea, he says he will do the research and find out how to make it happen.

That fearlessness is particularly valuable when it comes to renovation projects, which are complex by nature. According to Don, a lot of the other building companies in Mackay will avoid taking those on, but will send their customers his way because they know he can and will.

Moving forward, Don says he will continue to tackle those unique and difficult jobs – while continuing to provide personal service along the way. In general, he says the vision for Don Woods Homes is to keep doing what they’re doing.

“If you get too big you lose control of your quality, and you lose your personal touch with the client,” he explains. “We don’t want to let that happen. We want to stay in control. We want to remain a family-sized business, and keep giving customers personal attention and quality results.”

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