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An unrivalled reputation

Dixon Construction
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Dixon Construction is a builder with a reputation. For more than 30 years, they have been creating innovative and high quality outcomes for satisfied customers in both the residential and commercial building sectors. In that time, their name has become synonymous with “uncompromising design, quality, and customer service.”

“Our core philosophy is very simple,” says Ryan Dixon, a Director at the company. “We treat our clients as we would expect to be treated, and we construct each home as if it is our own.”

“Reputation is everything to us,” he adds. “So we stand by that.”

Dixon Construction has been building in Western Australia since 1979. The company was founded by Ryan’s father, who came from a carpentry background. Ryan himself grew up in the building industry, and also started as a carpenter. In 2011, he and father joined forces and formed the company as it is known today.

Satisfying customers

Today, Dixon Construction is well known as one of the leading builders in Western Australia’s beautiful South-East region. Their projects are diverse and varied, and include everything from small alterations and additions through to new homes valued over $1 million, and even small commercial projects.

No matter the client or sector, Ryan says Dixon Construction is set apart by their “fundamental focus on the customer’s satisfaction.”

“That means never compromising on design, quality or service,” he explains.

At every stage of the building process – from the initial consultation, right through to handing over the keys – Dixon Construction works closely with their customers. From the start, they work hard to understand the client’s vision, and they make sure the design meets their exact needs. Then throughout the build, they stay in frequent contact to better provide peace of mind.

Dixon’s customers are also free to get in touch with their building manager or supervisor any time of the day. If they are seeking information, or have a question or query, there is always somebody available to respond.

According to Ryan, the company’s customer-focus has repeatedly paid off with repeat work and referrals. His father, for example, has clients that go back 30 years.

Internally, with their subcontractors and suppliers, Dixon Construction has also formed some long lasting relationships. And as the company grows, they are always hoping to form more.

“We search for subcontractors who like to work as part of a team,” Ryan explains. “We like the guys that are willing to problem solve, and come up with new and innovative ideas.”

Fostering those relationships is important, Ryan adds, because innovation can create cost savings for their customers. Dixon’s goal is to always look at alternatives and options that can save money without compromising on quality. They like to work with subcontractors who share that goal.

Industry recognised

Dixon Construction’s uncompromising philosophy has earned them more than the loyalty of their customers. It has also earned them recognition from prestigious industry bodies such as the MBA Building Excellence Awards. In 2013, for example, Dixon Construction was a proud winner in their region for three categories – Excellence in Steel, Most Affordable Family Home and Contract Home Under $250,000.

“We value that a lot,” Ryan says of the recognition. “It proves we’re on track with what we’re trying to achieve.”

He credits the company’s multiple award victories to their commitment to innovation. As a relatively young man in the building industry, he says he’s not set in his ways – and neither is the company. Dixon Construction is always on the lookout for new materials and methods that can contribute to lower costs and faster build times, as well as methods that conserve natural resources and healthy indoor living.

“We make it a priority to be on top of all current trends,” he says. “And we keep a firm eye on interesting developments that might benefit our clients in the future.”

“I am always comparing our company with other building companies on the market, even the ones we’re not competing with,” he adds. “I try to look at how they do things, and I try and find ways to do it better.”

The company’s recent awards for Most Affordable Family Home and Contract Home Under $250,000 were received on behalf of the same project. For that job in particular, Ryan says they innovated in a number of ways, including using alternative claddings and an alternative style of brickwork.

“We work with our clients,” Ryan explains. “They have a budget, and it’s our job to design and build a house to suit that budget while still maintaining their design brief. That’s what we did, and that’s what we always do – whether it’s a lifestyle home or a small-scale one, we give it 110 per cent.”

Moving forward, Ryan says Dixon Constructions will continue to take on homes like that one – and they will continue striving to deliver award-worthy results. He says that will be their path to growth.

On average, the company does between 10 and 15 residential homes a year, as well as roughly three commercial projects. Ryan says the plan is to increase those numbers slowly, while still giving every project their all and “leaving nothing behind.”

“Every project on every step of the way will be done properly,” he says. “And five to 10 years down the track, hopefully we’ll be competing with some of the major building companies in the area. That’s where I see us going.”

“It might take us a while to get there, but we’re on our way,” he adds. “And we know from the awards we’re doing something right.”

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