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Experts in Engineering

DemlakianKen Demlakian has been a perfectionist all his life, and that is the secret to the success of the Demlakian brand. In 1984, Ken launched Demlakian in the hope that he would one day set a standard that leads the way in all civil, structural, hydraulic and strata matters. Today, Demlakian’s innovative, cost-effective processes and strong application of ethical principles has seen the company receive much national acclaim for their knowledge of the overall design, approval and construction process. The Demlakian team are engineers committed to providing Clients with professional services that display the highest levels of integrity, honesty and quality at all times to enhance the experience of community living for all.


Migrating to Australian shores from his birthplace of Egypt at an early age, Ken and his family fled the horrors of the Armenian Genocide and sought the new life that awaited them in Australia. Ken’s determination to succeed in all aspects of his life and his fierce determination to give back to the community is largely shaped by the struggles of growing up with a migrant family.


Commencing a degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Ken soon began to realise that the aeronautical industry in Australia was less design based and more maintenance-related, and he was quick to change fields. Ken graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours and University prizes in Structures and Design. He also completed a Masters Diploma in Structural Engineering. He left University with what he calls “a glassy eyed view to redesign the world” and he has been chasing that dream ever since.


As a young Engineer, Ken found that the Engineering profession was not as highly-regarded as he believed that it should be. Changing industry perceptions of the profession has been one of his ultimate personal goals. He says, “After working for a time, with a goal to impress people rather than just please them…I wanted to set a standard as being not just a services provider but someone that acts proactively to add value, and to provide innovation to solving problems.”


Working as a Civil Engineer for two years with the firm Morsels, Ken had achieved a significant amount professionally, including having a hand in launching the incrementally launched George Bridge, which was at the time the first of its kind in New South Wales. He also worked on what became the Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Sydney, as well as numerous other commercial and residential projects across NSW.


With an ambition that far exceeded opportunity, in 1984 Ken took a giant professional leap and went solo, launching the Demlakian brand. Says Ken, “I grew up on construction sites because my father was a developer; I got very good with my hands. I have poured concrete; I have set gyprock, done ceilings, plumb and wiring, brick laying and timber laying. What I’m saying is that I have experienced every aspect of the business with my own hands while growing up. I just love building.”

This holistic approach to all things construction has endeared Ken and his team to many of their Clients over the years.


It is Demlakian’s knowledge of and experience in all aspects of the construction process that enables the firm to provide the highest standards of expertise and advice to their Clients. In a profession where precision and logic are integral for the safety and experience of the community at large, Demlakian continues to impress their Clients with their dedication to higher-quality community living and infrastructure.


The company functions with two major branches, Demlakian Consulting Engineers and Demlakian Strata & Remedial and Ken says this again reflects his perfectionist nature. “Anything that you are very passionate about, you are going to be good at…I learn as much on site, from carpenters and brick layers, as I do off architects when designing.”


Demlakian have the ability to streamline the whole construction process from providing the initial structural, civil or hydraulic design right through to project managing the completion of building works. Demlakian Consulting Engineers was involved in the high-profile refurbishment of Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre, completed in 2010, and for the last few years has been successfully engaged as the Structural Engineer for the significant renovations being undertaken at Cranbrook Junior School in Rose Bay.


Demlakian Strata & Remedial diagnoses and project manages the rectification of all building defects to contribute to enhanced community living in Strata. As experts in the investigation of defects, Demlakian specialise in the preparation of Defect reports, Audit reports, technical specifications and litigation reports. The Demlakian team has been trained to aid Strata Managers and Strata Lawyers by providing timely service, efficient support and independent advice to their Clients with overwhelming success. Furthermore their technical expertise is combined with knowledge of legislative requirements and the litigation process, which is evidenced by an overwhelming success rate at Conclave and other legal hearings.


In over 25 years, both Demlakian Consulting Engineers and Demlakian Strata & Remedial have continued to boast a professional history without a single insurance claim which, in an industry rife with litigation, is one of the team’s greatest professional achievements to date.



A Commitment to Quality


“It is a bit of a double edged sword. The same culture that has allowed us to become recognised as an extremely high-quality, elite sort of firm is the same culture that has limited us from growing dramatically,” says Ken. “This is because not every Client wants to pay the attached price tag with ‘getting the best’”. However, Demlakian’s reputation for providing innovative and high-quality Engineering designs has ensured their place as one of the country’s leading firms.


He also says that although their management team is very involved with building relationships with their Clients, the Demlakian team consists of both senior and junior Engineers who are all highly-qualified and capable Engineers in their own right. Each member of the Demlakian team plays the dual roles that Ken first established for himself: that of the business developer and that of the hands-on manager for each of their projects.


Demlakian is extremely proud of the strong relationships that it has maintained with many of its long-standing Clients over the years, and this is largely due to the fact that Demlakian’s Clients have access to all tiers of management throughout the course of a project. Says Ken, “Our Directors are well-versed with the details of all projects to ensure that our Clients are guaranteed the quality service and experience that they deserve…This ensures that we develop strong relationships with our Clients, who know that we are receptive to their feedback and committed to not only pleasing them, put impressing them”.


Ken hints that he sees big developments happening within the business over the next few years. He also believes that Demlakian’s reputation for high-quality designs will continue to pay off. “In the next five to 10 years, I think I see us finally being rewarded for being uncompromising in our quality.”

This quality assurance has also ensured that Demlakian have never had to make any sort of insurance claim for damage of wear on any of their buildings. “We haven’t made an insurance claim in 26 years. Not one. We are not about volume, we are about quality. We do well financially, we have never terminated a staff member due to lack of work, and we never have had an insurance claim against us.”


Demlakian are appreciative of the support they continue to receive from their long-standing colleagues and friends. It is a brand that could stand on its reputation alone. But there is one thing for sure when you sign on with Demlakian – from a perfectionist you actually get perfection.