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Full service solutions

Delta Group is a leading Australian contractor that offers a complete package. From civil works, to excavation, landscaping, decommissioning of facilities, decontamination, removal of assets, remediation, equipment hire, and recycling and waste management – they do it all. With their sophisticated infrastructure of personnel and equipment, they have the resources to deliver all client requirements in a manner that’s second to none.

“We don’t let our clients down,” says Mark Welsh, Civil Manager at the company. “We deliver on time, on budget, and we guarantee our work. Our resources and our experience are unrivalled in the field.”

When Delta Group started in 1974, they were known simply as Delta Demolition. As the years went on, they expanded interstate and opened up new divisions to meet their client’s needs. In that time, their business partners have included construction companies, government organisations, councils, and developers – all of whom have come to rely on Delta Group’s key services and recognise it as one of the most trusted names in Australia’s building industry.

Solution providers

Today, Delta Group works Australia-wide, and has successfully completed projects internationally as well.  “There’s really not a corner of the country that we haven’t, at some stage, touched,” Welsh says.

The majority of the company’s work is done in their Civil and Demolition divisions, but they have also grown to provide asset recovery and recycling services – where they recycle concrete and brick, metal and steel, and timber. They now have recycling plants in Victoria and New South Wales, and have formed a successful partnership with Boral, who purchase their recycled road-based products.

Welsh estimates that Delta Group recycles in excess of 95 per cent of their demolition waste. “That allows us to value-add to our demolition business,” he says. “Instead of transporting demolition rubble to landfill, it’s recycled and it goes through multiple lifecycles.

On top of that, Delta Group has a Landscaping division, which provides complete commercial and industrial landscaping solutions for a wide range of business partners. They also have internal Transport & Logistics, Maintenance and Fabrication Workshop divisions, which are responsible for machinery maintenance, transport as well as coordinating the removal of waste materials offsite.

Delta Rent is another division of the group. Delta Rent rents a wide range of heavy construction equipment to tier-one civil and mining contractors.

Yet another one of Delta Group’s divisions, CMA Contracting, has been in operation for over 30 years – and has been a part of Delta since 2010. In that division, the company provides a wide range of industrial services, including decommissioning of entire factories, decontamination, demolition, remediation and asbestos removal – all while recycling and reusing as much scrap as they can salvage.

CMA Contracting’s clients include multinational corporations in the chemical, resource, and oil & gas sectors and companies in the general industry. They service those industries by carrying out plant decommissioning, industrial demolition and site clearance, as well as decontamination and redevelopment of sites to return them to a natural or reusable state. They have completed major projects all across Australasia.

The division’slargest single project had a scrap metal volume in excess of 100,000 tonnes. The recovered scrap was processed and recycled entirely by the group’s advanced equipment and was later returned into the recycling circle.

Loyalty and commitment

“We’re a full service contractor,” says Welsh, summarising what sets Delta Group apart from their competitors in any of the markets they operate in. “We provide a one-stop-shop to our clients. Our multiple divisions give us a competitive and commercial advantage.”

“We provide engineering and design solutions through to delivery,” he adds. “There are only afew others that provide the level of service and detail that we do.”

Delta Group is also set apart by their consistency – they pride themselves on delivering on time and on budget, and building strong relationships with customers that way. As a result, they have earned the loyalty of many of the tier-one commercial building and civil contractors on the market.

“Those clients come back to us because of our reputation to deliver, and the quality to which we deliver,” Welsh says.

Internally, Delta Group fosters similar loyalty. Overall, they employ approximately 650 employees Australia-wide – many of whom have been with the business for more than 20 or 25 years.

“We have a very strong family-oriented culture,” Welsh says. “We are a very close-knit group of people, and they all take pride in what they do. Everyone here is committed, from the senior managers to the labourers and operators on site.”

“Without the skills, the knowledge, and the dedication of the people who work here we wouldn’t be where we are,” he adds.

Delta Group makes safety a chief priority. That benefits employees for the obvious reasons, but it also sets the company apart with clients – who also tend to value safety very strongly.

“Our systems are ISO-certified, and we have an impeccable record – particularly in our regional and high risk projects,” Welsh says. “We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects with no major safety incidents.”

In general, Delta Group fosters loyalty and commitment with all their stakeholders. According to Welsh, the company also has fantastic relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, and joint venture partners like Boral.

Landmark projects

Over the years, Delta Group has successfully delivered a number of high profile projects across Australia. In Victoria, for example, they did all the civil and demolition works on the Melbourne Cricket Ground redevelopment. In recent years, they were also responsible for the hazmat removal and demolition works at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville, as well as the civil and demolition works on the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in the same city.

Other civil projects include the civil works at the Stafford Heights Retirement Community in the Brisbane area, the civil works at the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch in Western Australia, and the bulk & detailed earthworks – as well as the construction of reinforced concrete retaining walls and civil pavements – at the Joondalup Health Campus in Perth. Drawing on Delta’s civil expertise, CMA Contracting expanded Delta’s civil capability throughout the Pilbara region and is currently completing civil works as part of the Rio Tinto Wickham Accommodation Expansion Project.

“We’ve done a lot of landmark projects over a number of states,” Welsh says. “The list is really long.”

Moving forward, he says they will continue to deliver those kinds of significant projects – particularly in growth regions such as Queensland and Western Australia, where they are pushing their capabilities. They plan on working in the capital cities, but also in the regional areas – where they already now provide services to multinational corporations and expect to grow rapidly.

“We see fantastic potential within that sector,” Welsh explains. “Our capabilities fit quite comfortably within their requirements. We don’t see a lot of others providing the level of service within that sector that Delta and CMA do.”

For more information, please visit their website at:  CMA Contracting

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