Davey Constructions

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Davey Constructions is an award-winning building company, proudly based in the Gold Coast, and backed by over 20 years’ experience building luxury homes. They specialise in custom new builds and high-end renovations – the kind of homes that demand close attention to detail and a superior standard of workmanship.

The business was founded by Director and sole builder Jared Davey. Over the course of his career in the construction industry, he has renovated and built many beautiful homes on the Gold Coast, particularly within the Burleigh Heads and Broadbeach areas. He is “extremely passionate about being builder and prides himself on being a perfectionist,” according to Sarah Davey, his partner. He works closely with clients on their project from start-to-finish, from the very first consultation, all the way through to completion and handover.

“He takes a personal pride in bringing your dream to life,” Sarah says.

Sarah herself is the creative arm of the business. Her expertise and passions include “interiors, great design, and creating beautiful, functional spaces for clients.” She takes a friendly approach to guiding clients through the design and selection process , and helps them customise their home to suit their unique tastes, needs, and budgets.

Together, Jared and Sarah formed Davey Constructions roughly five years ago, and started off doing smaller-scale alterations and additions. A couple years into the life of the company, they hired a business coach and developed a clearer vision of where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do. They set their sights on delivering new luxury homes and high-end renovations, and in the years since, they have successfully penetrated that market. They now have a reputation in that luxury space for award-winning quality and unparalleled customer service.

Most of the company’s work is now valued between $500,000 and $1.5 million, but they have the ability to take on projects that are even larger. Their jobs tend to be architecturally-designed, and they tend to include challenging engineering elements. They believe the more complex the project is, the better.

Sarah believes clients in that niche choose Davey Constructions because they trust Jared. She believes he starts earning that trust from the very first point of contact:

“We have developed a really good reputation on the Gold Coast,” Sarah says. “We’ve built a bit of a name. A big part of that is Jared is a very friendly, approachable guy. He has a really warm nature. He’s easy to deal with. We always get that feedback from clients.”

Sarah is much the same way. She’s very personable, she loves being around people, and she believes her warm and friendly approach also helps to make the process relaxed and stress-free for customers.

“Between the two of us, we give clients all the advice they need and all the support they need,” she says. “We help them create a home that reflects their personality and lifestyle, and that they will enjoy for years to come.”

The result of the Davey approach, according to Sarah, has been “100 per cent customer satisfaction.” For the last three years, the company has sent surveys to clients after every job, and to date they have only received positive reviews.

Award-winning quality

Recently, Davey Constructions had the honour of attending the 2019 Master Builders Gold Coast Housing & Construction Awards, where they won the category for ‘Individual Home $951,000 to $1.25 million.’ They received the award for their recently-completed ‘yourtown Tallebudgera Prize Home project.’ With that project, they demonstrated the attention to detail and high standard of quality they aim to deliver for every client, every time.

This time, they delivered it for ‘yourtown,’ a nationwide charitable organisation that offers programs and services to assist young people in need. youtown raffled the home in January of this year as part of their fundraising efforts. Davey Constructions was happy to assist in that mission. Sarah describes their involvement as a “wonderful opportunity to work with a company that gives so much back to the community.”

The award-winning home features a combination of high-end architectural features, such as free form stone-cladded walls, three-metre-plus ceilings, blackbutt timber cladding, and an infinity pool. The home was also build on a cantilever slab, making it appear almost as if it’s “floating on the grass.”

Despite the level of detail, Davey Constructions needed to complete the project within only eight months in order to meet the deadline for yourtown’s lottery. Sarah says that was challenging to do, but through careful pre-planning, hard work, and dedication, Jared and his team were able to pull it off.

Sarah also credits the project’s success to the close, collaborative relationship they had with the clients at yourtown, as well as the architects at MRA Design. Both were heavily invested in the project, and visited the site many times throughout the build – which is something Davey Constructions welcomes.

“Everyone was excellent to deal with throughout the entire process,” Sarah says. “The build went as smoothly as a build could go.”

The company’s roster of subcontractors and tradespeople also deserve credit for the seamlessness of that process, Sarah adds. They all worked closely together, they all did what they said they were going to do, and they were able to achieve a very high standard of finish by the end.

Finally, Sarah credits the company’s organization, and how careful they were when scheduling other work. She says that she and Jared, as well as their whole team, were highly appreciative of the recognition they received for those efforts:

“We were so thrilled with the end product, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of winning an award,” she says.

The Master Builders judges weren’t the only ones impressed with the finished product, however. Sarah says that both yourtown and MRA Design were also “extremely happy” with the end-result, which was “even more validating.”

“We walked away from that property feeling like we really succeeded,” she says. “We were very proud of it.”

Moving forward, Davey Constructions’ goal is to continue delivering homes they can be that proud of – all while continue providing the same “family-style, personal approach” to customer service. Within that goal, they believe there is room for some growth, but they will be very cautious not to overdo it.

“We don’t want to grow to a level where we lose the core values of our business,” Sarah explains.

“Jared and I both really like to be involved in the whole process,” she says. “Jared is learning to delegate more to his site supervisors, but he still likes to be as involved as he can. He likes to be on site. He likes to go over things with the client on a weekly basis. He doesn’t want to lose that.”

Currently, Davey Constructions builds about five-to-six homes per year. They aim to grow that volume to between seven-and-eight, but no higher.

“We’ll always be a family business,” Sarah concludes. “We will always offer that personal touch.”

For more on Davey Constructions, their building process, and their past projects – and to get in touch with Jared, Sarah, and their expert team – visit http://daveyconstructions.com/