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Delivering on promises


Cumberland Building Services
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Cumberland Building Services is primarily a home building company, but also undertakes commercial developments, fitouts and specialized structural works. They are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to customers. Since the company’s inception, they have achieved a strong record of performance and growth on the back of their superior workmanship, budgeted outcomes, and creative results.

“We’re committed to delivering exceptionally well-constructed residential homes,” says Michael Roedl, Director of the company. “We partner with our clients to do that. We work closely with them and the architect, we listen to their needs and expectations, and we deliver what we promise.”

Michael’s promises are supported by more than three decades of industry experience. He started his career an apprentice carpenter, where he put in time learning the ropes before earning his builders license in 1986. He formed Cumberland Building Services roughly 10 years after that point, and was joined by his partner Danny Aron in 2000.  In the years since, the company has consistently delivered high quality, cost-effective architectural homes to satisfied customers.

Personalised service

Today, Cumberland Building Services primarily works in the Eastern Suburbs, lower north shore and northern beaches of Sydney. When it comes to size and price, Michael says they don’t limit themselves. The company has undertaken projects valued as low $50,000 all the way to as high as $5 million.

“As long as a project’s close, we can be competitive,” Michael explains.  “And we employ apprentices, carpenters and foremen, so the smaller jobs can train up the younger people.”

No matter what price bracket they are working in, Cumberland Building Services is set apart by the commitment of their leadership. Michael or Danny manage all their projects personally, and interact with their customers face-to-face.

“Our point of difference is that clients are dealing with the Directors of the company,” Michael says. “And we’re hands-on. We visit all our sites every day, and we’re always available to answer any questions or concerns.”

That personalised service is highly valued by clients, and at Cumberland Building Services it has a record of leading to strong results. As proof, Michael cites the fact that the majority of the company’s business is earned through word of mouth – which only happens when you have satisfied customers.

“We get the job done as we were contracted to do, and that’s what leads us to the next job,” he says. “If we say a job is going to be done by a certain time, or by a certain value, then that’s what happens. We deliver what we promise.”

According to Michael, honesty and reliability are the company’s most important assets. He says they are even more important than quality, which he says is basically a given.

“In our market, quality and attention to detail is fundamental,” he explains. “That’s just what happens. The important questions are ‘Did they deliver on time? Did they deliver the promised amount of money? Was the experience seamless? Was their paperwork clear and precise and open?’”

“At Cumberland, we pride ourselves on making sure the answer is always yes,” he says.

Industry recognised

Cumberland Building Services is dedicated to achieving a consistently high quality result, and that dedication has not gone unnoticed. At the 2013 MBA Awards for New South Wales, for example, the company’s hard work was singled out with an accolade for Additions, Alterations & Renovations $3 million to $4 million. In fact, Cumberland Building Services have won an award on every project they have entered. In 2008, a previous entry won the New Home Construction $1.5 million to $2 million. In 2009, another entry was awarded a Merit in the New Home Construction $1 million to $2 million categories.

“We think those awards are very important, and we’re very proud when we win one,” Michael says. “We know the judges in the MBA take it quite seriously, and they really look at the merits of what you’ve done. They don’t just pick the biggest-looking project.”

“So when we go through the process and win an award, we feel very proud,” he reiterates. “It’s a nice thing to tag on our website, and share with our team.”

At the 2013 MBA awards, the company’s winning project involved the partial demolition of an existing two-storey dwelling, and the lowering of concrete floors within. Their brief was to maximise the north-facing sunlight, and to incorporate large entertaining areas as well as two lifts. All of the extensions were outfitted with copper wall and roof panelling to match the original external style of bronze and copper.

In their evaluation, the MBA judges awarded high marks for “innovative use of materials and attention to detail,” and said the entry was a “standout.”

Michael adds that the judges were also impressed due to the limited timeframe they had to complete the renovation. On top of that, a significant chunk of that limited time had to be spent on demolition.

“The judges had to be impressed with the timing, and the complexities of what had to be done in that time.”

According to Michael, Cumberland Building Services was able to overcome those challenges due to the talents of their team – which includes a core workforce of apprentices and carpenters employed in-house, as well as a roster of skilled subcontractors. Most of those team members have been working with Michael or Danny for 10-plus years, and can be trusted to deliver the kind of quality result the company is known for.

Moving forward, Cumberland Building Services will continue to foster close relationships with those team members. As a result, Michael predicts they will keep their quality consistent, and continue to keep their customers happy – which has always been the company’s most important goal.

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