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Credentia Construction
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Credentia Construction
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Premium-grade satisfaction

Credentia Construction
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Credentia Construction is a commercial contractor that specialises in commercial construction, refurbishment projects and interior fit outs. They aim to be the preferred contractor of choice, and deliver the best possible value to their clients. With every project, they deliver cost-effective solutions of the highest possible quality, and they do it all with unquestionable integrity, honesty, and credibility.

Credentia Construction was founded in May 2011 with a focus on delivering quality new commercial constructions, refurbishments and office interiors. Their senior management team consists of three West Australian builders with a combined total of 75 years of experience in the development and construction industry.

Shaun Donohoe, one of their Directors, brings almost 30 years of diverse construction experience to the company himself, having worked extensively in the UK, Africa, and lastly Australia. Donohoe’s guiding hand has brought many of Western Australia’s foremost landmark projects to life, and his knowledge of the Perth construction market is unmatched.

Ron McDermott, another Director, also brings decades of experience to his role. Over the years, he has learned the value of having a collaborative approach and communicating clearly, which has resulted in strong ongoing relationships with Credentia’s clients, subcontractors and site staff.

The third and final Director, Willie Boylan, is similarly highly experienced. His understanding of commercial office fit outs and retail developments is invaluable to the company and their customers, and his attention to detail and time management skills ensure every Credentia projects is handed over smoothly.

Prior to founding Credentia, each Director was employed as a Senior Manager with Brookfield Multiplex for a number of years. While working there, they identified a niche market that would be simple to secure because of their years of experience and contacts. They then set out to start their own business, making Credentia Construction a reality shortly after.

The years of experience each of the Directors brings to the company serves to handily set Credentia Construction apart in the marketplace. Donohoe, Boylan and McDermott are involved in every project, allowing each client to reap the full benefit of their knowledge. Between the three of them, they ensure the company meet all design requirements and deadlines on time and on budget.

To further benefit clients, the Directors like to get involved with a project from the very beginning. Their direction and involvement with the project design will ensure customers get the best building techniques, materials and systems available. This can accelerate the construction process substantially and guarantee that the client get a finished project of high quality and sustainability.

Western Australia’s finest

Credentia Construction is very passionate about their vision, mission and values – values which include integrity, trust, hard work and innovation. “They underpin our behaviour, drive our performance and provide the primary focus for our team,” says Director Shaun Donohoe.

By living up to those values, Credentia Construction develops and maintains professional and harmonious relationships with select clients. A large part of their success in that arena comes from simply being very up-front and honest. “We’re really transparent in what we do when it comes to our clients,” says Director Ron McDermott.

Almost 80 per cent of Credentia’s work has come from repeat business – the best indicator of exceptional customer service.

Credentia has similarly strong relationships with their tradespeople, each of whom they partner closely with. They only use premium-grade subcontractors and suppliers – “Western Australia’s finest,” says Director Willie Boylan. “We regularly use the highest quality contractors with a proven track record, both in their discipline and OHSE. We believe we have a database of some of Australia’s finest contractors and consultants whom we regularly partner with.”

Credentia has been recognized on several occasions for their quality workmanship – most notably with an Excellence in Construction nod from the Master Builder Association for the BHP Billiton Training Centre they constructed in Perth. That sort of industry recognition is highly valued by the company because of the time and energy put into each project. “It is good that our peers, our clients and our subcontractors are appreciating what we’re doing,” says Boylan.

Designed by Design Monkee, the BHP Billiton project was a 12-week design and construct contract from start to finish. Work was done on the interior fit-out, design and construct, in addition to re-locating the office. The centre accommodates approximately 70 full-time staff and has the facilities to train 300 people daily. The centre is situated on Perth’s largest single commercial floor plate of 3000m, on level three of an existing retail development.

What made the BHP Billiton Training Centre award-winning were the same things that Credentia applies to all of their projects – their inclusion of premium-grade subcontractors, suppliers and consultants, and their vast experience, says McDermott. All those things, when combined, result in an excellent outcome for everybody involved. “We try to deliver a premium-grade project with zero deflects and happy clients.”

Credentia is also able to deliver high quality projects due to their commitment to workplace safety practises. They offer developed OHS systems to ensure the well-being of their staff, the general public and the property. Credentia is committed to providing a work environment that is safe and healthy for all employees and all those affected by their activities.

New projects

Credentia Construction is currently working on stage 1 of the Bassendean Shopping Centre expansion and a new 1,200m2 NLA Coles First Choice liquor store. They’ve done a lot of refurbishments recently, but now they’re returning to what they’re experts in – traditional buildings. “Digging the hole, pouring the concrete in, putting infrastructure through and delivering the finished product,” says Donohoe.

Looking ahead longer term, Credentia will continue take on boutique projects – and never too much for the three hands-on Directors to handle personally. “We do not want to be Australia’s biggest building company – we are happy to be regarded as a boutique builder only ever taking on projects that the three working Directors can personally manage with a hands-on approach,” says Boylan.

Credentia Construction is starting to get their name out to the public and build their reputation, which will hopefully generate more interest. They are also looking to take on more capital construction projects – just not too many of them at once.  “We can pick and choose which jobs we want to do. We’re happy to carry on for the next five to 10 years, as long we’re building projects of our own and the clients are happy,” says McDermott.