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Constructions Group is a progressive and dynamic commercial builder. Their mission is to provide the highest level of service to clients across all forms of construction. From the very beginning of a project, their experienced and skill team innovates and value-adds, and generally strives to deliver the best possible result.

“We can be involved in a project very early,” says Ben Holley, one of three Directors at the company. “From site selection right through to town planning, to ultimately delivering the project – we can shepherd the project all the way through, and value-add the whole time.”

Constructions Group was first formed in 1996, originally as part of the Ray White Group. Establishing Directors Brad Wootten and Murray Creevey continue this successful management along with Mr Holley who himself has been with the company for over 11 years, and took over the role as a Director in 2011.

Prior to forming Constructions Group, and with a Carpentry trade and successful Honours achieved in ‘Construction Management’ Degree at Queensland University of Technology Mr Holley earned more than 15 years of industry experience working in both site management and project management roles in the commercial construction sector.

Over the years, Constructions Group – formerly known as Ray White Constructions – has experienced strong steady growth throughout Australia. They have undertaken projects in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria. Today, the majority of their projects are commercial or multi-residential builds, but they have also earned a strong reputation for delivering high-end luxury homes.

In those niches, Mr Holley says what sets Constructions Group apart is their commitment – to doing business in an honest and ethical manner, and to delivering the highest standard of workmanship. By holding strong to those values, he says they have earned the loyalty and appreciation of a long list of customers.

“The majority of our projects come from repeat clients or word-of-mouth,” Mr Holley explains. “That’s because we go out of our way to understand our customer’s needs, and we always aim to deliver exactly what they need and more.”

No matter what the size of the project, Constructions Group has proven management systems that can ensure a high quality end-result. According to Mr Holley, those systems begin with effective cost planning right from the project’s concept and design. From there, ongoing reporting and careful management ensures every job is delivered on time, on budget, and within quality parameters.

Throughout a project, Constructions Group also makes it a point to stay in close contact with customers. They try to have fortnightly meetings and inspections with the client, and meetings in between when they are needed. They also produce monthly reports for the client, and even have a web-based collaborative system where clients can review plans, documentation and all correspondence.

“Clients often tell us they feel that we are more than ‘simply a builder,’” Mr Holley says. “They say we’re more like their advocates in getting the best from the project.”

“They say that because we take the time to get to know them and their organisation,” he reiterates. “We learn what it is they are trying to achieve today with the current project, and tomorrow with future projects. The history of Constructions Group (Aust) is very much the history of the success of our clients and our ability to contribute to this success.”

Another important factor to the success of Constructions Group is their staff, Mr Holley adds. That includes the members of their direct team, and also their trusted roster of subcontractors and suppliers. Mr Holley says the majority of those relationships are long-term, with many of them even going back to when the company was formed.

 “Our people truly are our greatest resource and asset,” Mr Holley says. “All our staff and contractors are technically qualified for the roles they fulfil, and their technical knowledge is supplemented with years of practical experience.”

“As our clients have grown, we have responded by learning and applying new skills and attracting the best knowledge in the industry to our staff team.”

Industry recognised

At the end of the day, Constructions Group is dedicated to achieving a quality result for every client. That dedication has not gone unnoticed by the industry at large. At the 2013 MBA Housing Excellence Awards, for example, Constructions Group won the accolade for Individual Home over $5 million.

“We highly regard that kind of recognition,” Mr Holley says. “Especially in that high-end residential field – it’s good to see that our staff can not only deliver a project of that quality, but also deliver it the best. It goes a long way with us, and it goes a long way with our clients as well.”

The award-winning home presented a lot of challenges, Mr Holley says. He credits the award victory to the company’s ability to overcome those challenges.

“It was a difficult build on a difficult site,” he says. “And part of the client’s brief was that they wanted the home to be there in 100 years’ time, so it had to be a very solid structure.”

According to Mr Holley, Constructions Group has the ability to tackle complex and challenging projects due to many factors. One is their wealth of experience. Another is the dedication of their team – from himself as Director, to the site foreman to the contracts administrator and to all the trades on the ground.

“We all put in a lot of time and effort in to make sure the job was done right, and done to perfection,” Holley says. “Clients value that extra effort, and so do the judges.”

That home was not the only project Constructions Group is proud of. Since 1996, they have built up an impressive portfolio including many notable and challenging projects. Other examples include one of the first GreenStar rated buildings in Queensland at the Brisbane Airport, and later a specialist aircraft hangar at the same facility – a project which also won them an MBA award.

Growing sustainably

At any one time, Constructions Group has several projects in different stages of development. Currently, they have a number of projects (both private and government) under construction – from fire stations through to university hub, commercial office and multi residential projects. They also have a number of exciting commercial, mixed-use and hotel buildings in the pipeline. Moving forward, Mr Holley says they want to maintain that kind of volume and that kind of balance and evolve carefully.

“We do have plans to grow,” he says, “But we will do that in a steady and sustainable way. We want to maintain our high level of service to clients, and we never want to grow to a point where the Directors can’t be hands-on. That’s what our clients like, and that’s what we want to do.”

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