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Since commencing in 1988, Construction Control has grown steadily. Originally known as a specialist fitout company, they have evolved into a leading construction and project management provider for the ACT region. As they have grown, they have built an unrivalled reputation for the quality of their product, their attention to detail, and the excellence of their client service.

“We like to work with our clients to achieve the best possible result,” says John Gasson, a Director at the company. “We’re honest and transparent in the way we do business, and we find solutions to every problem that arises.”

Construction Control was established by Gasson more than 20 years ago, and began its life as a project management company specialising in fitouts and building refurbishments. In 2000, Gasson was joined by Directors Peter Wright and Ian Bowyer. Both brought many years of industry experience to their roles, and helped lead the company to major growth and expansion.

Since that time, the company has been involved with in numerous landmark projects, including many for the Canberra Airport– a close partner of Construction Control whose growth has paralleled theirs. Projects done on CAG’s behalf include the Brindabella Business Park, the Majura Park Retail Centre, the Majura and Fairbairn commercial precinct, as well as the new – and award-winning – Canberra International Airport Terminal.

Construction Control has also become well known for their range of large retail, educational facilities and residential developments. Their portfolio includes the Canberra Centre Shopping Centre, numerous specific use projects at the Australia National University, and projects at the Canberra Girls Grammar School and the Canberra Boys Grammar School. In addition, they have successfully completed residential projects such as the Pearl Apartments, Acton Apartments and the IQ apartments

Quality projects for quality clients

Since work was completed on the Canberra Airport Terminal Construction Control’s, objective has been to find new and forward thinking projects to manage.

Currently, for example, Construction Control is working on a significant office building – being 28 Sydney Avenue in the heart of the Parliamentary Precinct. Their client on this project is the Amalgamated Property Group.

“They’re a client we recently started working with,” Gasson explains. “And I think if you asked them for a reference, they would say they are very happy with the work we’ve done on their behalf.”

“And we’re very pleased to be working for them as well,” he adds. “They pursue innovative outcomes and have an eye for detail and quality construction – which is what we like to do.”

28 Sydney Avenue previously had a car park on its location. In its completed form, it will have about 14,629 square metres of floor space on four levels; secure basement parking lots; and showers and lockers for its tenants. The entire project is 5 Star Green Star rated, and the design reflects harmony with the neighbouring buildings and the adjacent parliamentary triangle environment.

High quality projects like that – built for high quality clients – is what Construction Control aims to do on a consistent basis. Gasson says they have been successful with that mission due to their reputation for excellent client service.

“We work closely with our clients to create the best possible outcome,” he reiterates. “We work collaboratively and we respond to the changing needs that they have – whether it is a new tenant or a change in the initial design. We will work with clients to accommodate that and achieve their desired result that suits the changing needs of its business.”

He also says that the company is set apart by their stellar safety record. He cites their award-winning work at the Canberra Airport t as a prime example of their safety commitment in action.

“We were working in an environment in which we had the travelling public in our construction site every day, year on year,” he says. “If you don’t do well in coordinating that, you won’t have a safe workplace. And safety is incredibly important to us.”

Construction Control is also backed by a real wealth of experience and knowledge – yet another factor that makes them stand out.

Gasson says. “We just had a senior employee celebrate their 20th year on the team – which means he was there from practically day one. There’s a really strong history here.”

Industry recognised

Construction Control’s commitment to quality has paid off in many ways. Firstly, it has earned them the loyalty of clients like the Canberra Airport – an organisation that has been working with Construction Control for over a decade.

Secondly, Construction Control’s consistency of quality has earned them recognition from the industry at large. The 2013 Master Builders Excellence in Building Awards, for example, recognised the company with wins in several categories. Notably, they awarded them with Project of the Year for their work on the airport’s new International Terminal

According to Gasson, Construction Control got into business to make their clients happy, and not to win awards. At the same time, however, they highly value and appreciate that kind of industry acknowledgement.

“To be graded like this is important, especially when it’s up against so many competitors,” Gasson says. “It really gives the staff satisfaction and it gives the company recognition that we definitely feel it deserves.”

“Particularly on a project of this nature, which was really quite unique,” he adds. “There is only one airport in Canberra, and to build such an amazing facility – one that other people have recognised as a fantastic achievement – has been very pleasing and rewarding in itself.”

Gasson says he is still awed by the finished project. He says all the design elements came together beautifully to create a truly deserving project – from the public art, to the Spain-imported glazing, the elevated road, and everything else.

“You don’t even have to cross the road to get from your car to the terminal,” he says. “It’s the only place in Australia where that is possible.”

Moving forward, Gasson says Construction Control will aim to continue delivering innovative designs for quality projects like the Canberra International Airport Terminal He says they will always make quality a priority, and they won’t chase projects that could compromise that.

“We like delivering successful projects, and we are a company that does not adhere to the view that the lowest price is best,” he says. “Cost efficiency is very important, but we will not take on a project we cannot do successfully and with high quality. We will always aim to create the best possible result for our client.”

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