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Complete Steel Projects’ life began in 2005 as a small steel fabrication company operating in the structural steel market of Perth, WA. “We started as a small business, but through innovation and a willingness to take on new challenges we have expanded the business over the years,” recounts Managing Director Dom Carbone.

Over the last seven years, Complete Steel has grown from those humble beginnings to offer a wide-range of services that include steel fabrication, blasting & painting, structural steel erection, mechanical rigging, cladding, and pre-cast concrete panel erection. As a result, the company has been able to deliver consistently on remote area construction, logistics and infrastructure.

The company’s ability to offer a broader spectrum of services across four key areas has made them stand out against the competition. In general, the businesses are steel fabrication, blasting & painting, rigging, and they recently added cladding to their repertoire. “It’s like four different businesses together under one umbrella, but these core units can also do things on their own.”

Another way they stand out is in their commitment to deliver on time, and to precise specifications. “That’s what we do,” Carbone boasts.

Complete Steel’s staff consists of over 70 people, and a strong family culture is very important to the company. “At the core, our business is committed to respect, committed to honesty and committed to safety,” Carbone says. The company’s values include commitments to integrity, fairness, and of course, customer satisfaction.

Because they are privately owned, Complete Steel is very conscious of their stakeholders and are dedicated to providing them good returns – but unlike other companies, they are not short sighted in that desire. “We’re not just focused on the shareholder return in its own right in the short-term, we’re also acutely aware of all the stakeholders, including the employees, the suppliers and the customers. Our business is ultimately driven by a long term horizon.”

Complete Steel Projects has a stable workforce, which has enabled the company to face industry challenges head on, overcome obstacles and deliver the end result successfully. Some of those challenges include having to move on large projects with only a short period of notice, and having to resource projects quickly to ensure that the time frames are met. “We do that by having the best possible systems and processes in our business, and also by having top quality motivated people,” Carbone says.

“Because of the nature of the business, projects come in different shapes and sizes, so you’re never really quite sure what projects are going to come,” he adds. “When a project is taken on, we go straight into planning and adequate resource analysis. The nature of the work is always changing, so unless you have an engaged and flexible workforce, it will not work properly and you will encounter problems.”

As the company has evolved over the years, their processes have changed in a number of ways – every project is a learning experience, and forces them to improve. Continuous improvement is also aided by the employees, who are empowered to innovate.

As Complete Steel and its processes evolve, so too does the technology it relies on. Some enhancements in this arena include 3-D modelling in their drafting and design process, the 3-D models of which are maintained on the Internet. This allows for more direct involvement in the design and fabrication stages, as well as on-site rigging of the steel structures. “In the old days, you’d fabricate to hardcopy drawings, and you would also rig using those drawings,” Carbone explains.

Today, all Complete Steel supervisory staff members have access to laptops and a 3-D model of the project. “All parties from the designers to the fabricators to the riggers have access to all aspects of the model. As such, errors are minimized and challenges can be communicated and resolved quickly. This leads to greater efficiency and faster construction process,” Carbone says, explaining how this innovation aids the business. “You spend less time dealing with mistakes and more time moving on with the job.”

In terms of green initiatives, the company is aiming to get onto the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) environmental charter in order to take on projects more specifically geared to be environmentally conscious. “We are green already, but we’re working towards getting certified.”

As for what else looms on the horizon, Complete Steel aims to expand all four of its divisions. Carbone wants to expand the fabrication area to include plate and pipe works for the marine and mining sectors. They are also looking to expand the painting services independently to the industry at large.

Additionally, Complete Steel aims to continue to develop and resource the on-site group – the rigging & cladding divisions – with a substantial investment in equipment and training for the employees. As a result of those enhancements, it is a self performing team, able to meet any challenges of remote area work as they arise. The aim is for all four divisions to operate that way. “The four divisions have built their own independence from the main branch of the company. It’s quite different than where we’ve been,” Carbone says.

Looking farther ahead down the line, Complete Steel Projects hopes to continue as a stable and profitable business that offers services across all construction areas, including infrastructure, mining and commercial construction activity.

In general, Carbone says the company’s focus will be continuing to innovate and meet their customer’s needs.  “It’s always about looking into innovations and opportunities where we can add value for the client,” he says. “We do the very best we can to contribute to the client.”