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Classic Constructions
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Building a dream home can be a complex endeavour. Making a home requires quality materials, skilled workers, and a structured building process. Making a dream requires more – it requires flexibility, experience, and commitment. At Classic Construction, a home building company based in Canberra, they have all that and more.

“Our philosophy is a simple one,” says George Tanchevski, the company’s co-owner. “We provide customers with a creative, cost-effective solution to their lifestyle and space needs, while guaranteeing the highest level of quality and service.”

In other words, they make dream homes into realities.

The Classic Constructions difference

George – who established Classic Constructions in 1987 – comes from a background in finance and banking. His brother Michael – who co-founded the business – was a skilled carpenter and joiner. By putting their talents together, the Tanchevski brothers formed a company that has spent the last 25 years building an excellent reputation for delivering high quality homes with excellent customer service.

Today, Classic Constructions works across the entire ACT, as well as many of the surrounding areas. George describes their customer base as simply people “who want a high quality, custom built home.”

“Our clients are people who want a high level of quality, a high level of service, and really want an experienced builder to deliver that for them,” he says.

When it comes to attracting those clients, Classic Constructions has a number of things going for them, starting with their flexible individual design. With their experienced team of architects, building designers and interior designers, Classic Constructions can provide the full suite of design services. This allows clients to create a plan that suits their lifestyles and meets all of their needs.

Classic Constructions has also developed a “robust building process,” which guides customers from the initial concept design stage through to the handover and servicing of their new home. That process – which was designed to provide transparency and confidence to customers – “demystifies” the construction of a new home, George says, and helps Classic stand apart in the market.

As part of that process, Classic Constructions is able to constantly ensure their designs meet the customer’s requirements. If changes are ever needed to achieve that goal, they have the flexibility to make sure those changes get made. “There’s nothing better from our point of view than designing what the client actually wants, and seeing their satisfaction at seeing their thoughts come to life on the plan,” George says.

In general, George says they do everything they can to form a good relationship with their clients. The way he pitches it, when Classic Constructions takes on a job, they enter into a “marriage-type relationship” with a client for anywhere from six to 12 months – depending on the size of the project.

Also helping to set Classic Constructions apart is their quality control guidelines, which are implemented during the construction phase of every home, and advance alongside the market. “We always evolve, and we always develop our systems and processes to include new building products, safety requirements and enhancements in building techniques,” George says. “Our investment into continual improvement leads to the highest quality product delivered for each customer.”

Finally, Classic Constructions stands apart due to the experience and dedication of their longstanding team – many of whom have worked with the company since 1987. The company’s draftsman – a multi-award winner known for his “functional designs and cutting edge style” – is one such example.

“He’s a designer who really understands what the client wants and can provide them with the functional space and living needs that they require,” George says.

Classic Constructions also has a select team of architects they frequently work closely with. They try to match the architect to the client, George says. So depending on the client’s requirements, they call upon the architect they think is best suited to delivering that particular design.

Nearly all of Classic Construction’s contractors have also been with the company since the beginning. Even when contractors retire, their children often take over the business and continue the relationship. “They still stay loyal and true to our business, because we stay loyal and true to them,” says George.  “We look after our trades. We ensure they are trained and skilled, we provide them with proper site amenities and conditions, and we ensure their safety is first and foremost. We have an organized system where they can thrive in.”

“We couldn’t do the work that we do without our excellent staff and subcontractors,” he adds. “They all go above and beyond to make sure we get the job done to the best possible outcome. They’re all such a bigger supporter of us, and they’re the keys to us being successful.”

Always evolving

Since first entering their homes for award recognition in 1992, Classic Constructions has won major industry awards every year. In 2012, they won regional HIA awards for Project Home and Display Home of the Year – as well as an MBA award for Project Home of the Year over $275,000.

“We don’t build homes to win awards, we build homes to achieve what the client wants,” George says. “But it’s a big bonus to get those awards, and to be recognised by industry leaders and peers. It’s proof that we do build a high quality product, with innovative and efficient designs, and high qualify craftsmanship.”

George credits the company’s award success to the fact that they have “stayed true to their philosophy of integrity and high quality product and service.”

“We’ve really focused on delivering the product the customer wants,” he reiterates. “Sometimes building a house is a pretty daunting experience, but having developed really robust processes, we really alleviate the stresses and hassles a customer has to deal with. And a happy customer leads to a good product, which leads to awards.”

Additionally, George credits the company’s award winning consistency to their willingness to evolve. As new technologies and techniques emerge, Classic Constructions always looks for ways to capitalise on them, he explains. “We’re a strong believer of keeping at the top of our game internally. We always ensure our systems are the most accurate and up to date.”

Moving forward, he says that evolution will continue. He also says that they plan to grow in size, but never at the expense of their quality and customer service. “We’ll never choose to grow if it means jeopardising the products we deliver,” he says. “We have a structured and managed approach to growth. We really want to ensure that people come to us because they want a high quality home – a home that they can love, enjoy and live in, and that meets all their requirements.”

“The biggest source of business for us is our referrals, so the growth that we achieve will be based on delivering the right products for the right customer.”