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Civilcon Construction – Quality professionals
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Civilcon Construction – Quality professionals
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Established in 2002, Civilcon (WA) Pty Ltd is a company with a broad range of services and expertise. Their core competencies are in concrete civil works, including tilt up construction, but they have also built a strong reputation for delivering projects in the commercial construction arena. In every market they serve, Civilcon is committed to developing and maintaining long term relationships.

According to Director Michael Gargallo, those relationships – in combination with their values – are responsible for the company’s continued longevity and success. “We value professionalism, teamwork, quality and responsibility,” he says. “Those are things that benefit everyone – our employees, our subcontractors, and our clients.”

Enabling excellence

Civilcon was formed out of Civilform, a concrete formwork company that founder and Managing Director Bevan Buswell worked at for eight years. Michael joined Civilcon out of TAFE in April, 2003, and was made a Director – along with Adam Maslin – in 2010.

Michael was originally attracted to Civilcon for its broad range of capabilities. “In larger companies, the work can be very specific. You do the one job and that’s it,” he explains. “Civilcon, on the other hand, gave me the opportunity to have a wide range of skills.”

Michael was also drawn to Civilcon due to the fact that it was a growing company, and was dedicated to developing careers. Those are the same qualities that have continued to attract and retain talented professionals to the company. Civilcon believes in offering the support and resources necessary to enable their employees to excel, and encourages continuous learning. They also believe in maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal time, which they believe is the only way their employees can be successful in both.

On top of that, Civilcon is also devoted to fostering and promoting a “Zero Harm” safety culture. Their Health and Safety Management System is certified to AS/NZS 4801 and gives them the ability to manage hazards and high-risk activities to a professional standard. The wellbeing of their employees is one of Civilcon’s top priorities.

For those reasons and more, many of the company’s employees – like Michael – are longstanding ones.

Building relationships

Michael started with Civilcon, the company employed 15 people and had a turnover of around $3 million. Today, that turnover is closer to $14 million and their staff numbers around 30. “We’ve increased the size of the projects we do, and also broadened the type of work we do as well,” he says. “Instead of just concrete construction, we do commercial projects too. In fact, about 70 per cent of our work is commercial.”

Michael credits the company’s growth to their exceptional reputation. “Bunbury’s a pretty small area and word of mouth goes a long way,” he says. “That and repeat clients. Building relationships is probably our main source of work.”

When it comes to building those relationships, Civilcon has achieved success due to their “cooperative, hands-on approach.” The three Directors of the company – Bevan Buswell, Michael Gargallo and Adam Maslin – are all involved in every project, so every client benefits from their combined experience. That personal attention is one of the central points of difference for Civilcon. “It means the person supervising the job has the authority to make decisions,” Michael explains. “That keeps things moving, which is important.”

Of course, the most important way Civilcon builds strong relationships is by delivering quality, cost effective products. Equally as important – they deliver those products on time. “Our quality and time is second to none,” Michael says.

Throughout every aspect of their operations, Civilcon is committed to achieving quality outcomes. That commitment is communicated and understood by all of the company’s and employees and sub-contractors.

“We like to use subcontractors and suppliers who perform well,” Michael says. “If they do a good job for us, we’ll stick by them. We like to be fair, reasonable and honest, and that kind of cooperative approach works both ways. At the end of the day, we’re a team working towards a common goal.”

Civilcon’s commitment to quality has paid off time and time again in the form of award recognition by the MBA. Since 2006, the company has won nine awards from the association, for everything from Excellence in Tilt Up and Concrete Construction to Best Commercial Building Overall.

In 2012, they won two of those accolades – Excellence in Construction on a Challenging Site, and Commercial Industrial Building $1 million to $4 million – for their Jewel Cave Visitor Centre project. The location of that job, the design, and the type of construction it required all posed a significant challenge to Civilcon, and Michael is proud of the result they were able to deliver.

“We value that recognition fairly highly,” Michael says. “It’s nice to be recognised as a quality firm that people can turn to.”

Developing professionalism

Currently, Civilcon is working on a $7 million medical centre. That project is a tilt-panel building with over 3,000 square metres of floor area. It’s their largest project to date, and Michael is excited about the progress they have already made. Moving forward, he says he’d like to see the company take on more similarly-sized projects in even more markets.

“We still want to have a concentration in commercial, but also look into more regional areas,” Michael says. “We’d also like to increase our geographic coverage, the size of the projects we do, and continue to develop our professionalism.”

In the long term, he adds that they will still be Bunburry-based, but that he would not be surprised to see them add more offices throughout Western Australia – a state he says they aim to cover entirely. “We’re doing work, at the moment, in Port Hedland and Kalgoorlie,” he says. “And we’ve done work all over the state. We can work anywhere.”