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The right people for the job

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The right people are the key to the success of any organisation. That’s Busicom Solution’s philosophy, and it is one that sets them apart from other labour hire providers in the industry – where poor quality and unreliable tradespeople have come to not only be accepted, but expected. At Busicom Solutions, they’re committed to bucking this expectation by providing only highly skilled tradesmen to the Australian Industrial Sector. At Busicom, candidates are screened, qualified, reference checked and tested. The introduction of their new training and testing facility, where candidate’s skills are honed through training courses and assessed via our rigorous theoretical and practical testing program, only adds to Busicom’s guarantee that clients will receive only the highest calibre people on the market.

Knowing the industry

Busicom Solutions is an engineering resource company that’s privately owned and currently operating in New South Wales. Alex Zalghout, Managing Director, states that Busicom has about 450 site employees and 25 office staff. All permanent employees are put through an in-house training program which consists of recruitment as well as engineering modules, ensuring that all staff from receptionists through to payroll has a solid understanding of the industry.

That kind of knowledge is present in Busicom’s account management and recruitment teams, many of whom have extensive industry experience or come from trade backgrounds. “When you say you’re a specialist company it’s important to have people that are working for you that really understand the industry,” says Alex. “It’s very technical. It’s engineering. And you’re dealing with clients that are working on projects ranging from 100,000 dollars to up to 50 million dollars.” When Busicom Solutions sends their field team out to worksites, their account managers have to know exactly what the client wants, and how to get it for them. “Developing project plans, working with the client, supervising on site, problem solving – these are key skills for us, and very important for our clients also.”

That kind of understanding is also important at the recruitment stage, Alex says. When a candidate comes in, the recruiter interviewing them needs to be able to analyse them, and ask the right questions that will give them a better understanding of whether or not the person would be suitable to the client’s needs.

Busicom, which stands for Business Company Solutions, started in 2004 as a generalist company by Alex and his partner Sam Naser. Over time, they evolved into a company that specialized in the engineering sector, which is where they always wanted to be. Today, they operate out of three offices, which includes a state of the art training facility, which they’re in the process of opening. This training facility will allow Busicom to offer a unique service within the recruitment market.

Training and testing: the Busicom Difference

“We’ve been listening to our clients,” Alex says. “One of the main questions most of the companies out there ask is ‘why should we use your company, when we have only ever received poor quality from labour hire?’. Labour hire companies have got a bad stigma in the industry. As soon as you mention the words ‘labour hire’, most companies automatically switch off and are resistant to dealing with you. This is where the training facility comes in.”

The training and testing facility, which will open in August, is a Busicom Solutions point of differentiation. The facility, when it’s completed, will help Busicom facilitate the provision of high quality tradesmen via testing, upskilling and reskilling candidates.

The facility will offer a plethora of services, including candidate screening by trained professionals to test such factors as ‘candidate reliability’ – which can include the potential for absenteeism, honesty, theft, drug and alcohol abuse, etc – and ‘safety’, to identify individuals who are likely to cause safety accidents. “If your skills are good, your attitude must also be good,” Alex explains. “How would you work under pressure? Would you follow instructions? Would you practice operational health and safety?”

The new facility will also be able to offer trade specific theoretical skills testing through an in-house computer program, as well as practical skills testing in a workshop environment. “Practical skills testing is a key part of our program,” says Alex. “Take Welding for example – by testing welders to Australian and New Zealand standards and the ability to qualify welders to client nominated procedures, we can guarantee our quality.”

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, in conjunction with a Registered Training Organisation, the facility will offer many training programs for Busicom workers. Training at the facility will include accredited courses in white cards, EWP, working at heights, first aid, traffic control, forklifts, rigging and dogging, confined space, scaffolding, and crane licenses, all conducted by qualified trainers. “Training that’s related to the construction industry, and required our clients are being implemented into the program,” says Alex. “Any tradesman we send out will be trained, skilled and certified. That’s a minimum service you would get when we send our guys out.”

In the near future, Busicom Solutions is also hoping to introduce a number of welding qualifications which will still certify welders to Australian and International standards. According to Alex, Busicom has the necessary facilities, machinery and equipment, and they’re putting a syllabus in place that will comply to industry standards.

The implementation of this training and testing centre will offer many advantages to Busicom clients. With this new facility, Busicom Solutions will have the resources to develop weld procedures – and test welders — according to client specifications. Additionally, they will be able develop specialised induction programs according to client needs, and will have the opportunity to train candidates in line with site requirements at short notice. Not to mention they’ll be able to assure quality of labour – with employees who can be tested prior to placement, clients can be confident they are receiving the highest quality tradesmen.

Quality systems, quality people

2009 and 2010 were the most difficult years for Busicom Solutions due to being placed under pressure by the GFC. However, Alex says the issues they faced provided a learning curve for the company, and they came out the other side stronger than they were before. “I see a positive in it,” he elaborates. “We’ve moulded the company around those problems to ensure that we keep swimming, and it’s introduced different processes and procedures and incorporated greater quality in management and safety.”

Safety is something that’s of the utmost importance to Busicom Solutions. Their objective is to keep the number of accidents as close to zero as possible, and ensure a safe work environment – both for their employees and anyone who may be working alongside them.

A major challenge facing Australia now is a skill shortage in blue collar trade, which leads to a higher cost in labour. Because of the recent economic situation, companies have reduced budgets and are therefore more resistant to paying for good quality labour. “That’s the conundrum in the industry at the moment. Clients don’t want to pay and the good quality guys want to get paid more,” Alex says. “That’s why there has become a market for poor quality labour hire agencies – leaving the industry at large with the reputation it has.”

Again, though, Busicom is not interested in providing poor quality labour – their aim is to be a specialist provider, supplying high quality workers. “When clients sign up with us, they will be happy with the quality they receive,” Alex says. “Because our guys are better quality hands on trained guys and because our training facility ensures that the guys have been properly screened, practically tested, theoretically tested, behaviourally tested, reference checked, and basically loaded up with training before they leave our premises to work for our clients.”

The quality that surrounds Busicom Solutions extends to the relationship between management and staff. “It’s phenomenal,” Alex says. “The contribution of all staff members is valued, and the team that we got on board is an extremely skilled and committed permanent team.” He says the team has what the company refers to as the “Busicom spirit,” where everybody goes above and beyond their job description. They don’t just clock in and clock out; they are on the phone at all hours. When a client has an urgent order or a candidate pulls out of a job for whatever reason, they are there, no matter what time it is. “They have a sense of ownership in the company; everybody that works here feels that the businesses successes are our own successes,” says Alex.“That kind of culture is a rare gem.”

The Busicom future

In five to 10 years, Busicom plans to expand their training facility and open up a welding private college. They also see themselves as having a higher profile. “In 10 years’ time I’m hoping we can be a household name,” Alex says. He hopes to see offices all across the nation, particularly in Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria, and Tasmania. “We want engineering companies to think first of Busicom, anytime they need project management, recruitment, labour – anything human resources related. We want them to know that when they contact Busicom, that they’ll be provided a service that’s outstanding, and get a guaranteed product.”