Bradford Homes (Scott Salisbury Group)

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Attainable luxury

Bradford Homes, a company proudly brought to you by Scott Salisbury, is a multi-award-winning builder of “attainable luxury” homes. They are independent of the Scott Salisbury Homes trademark, but they still offer the unparalleled quality that the 30-year-old brand is known for. They also offer the same customer service and ethical approach that Scott himself has built his legacy on.

“We have a culture of doing the right thing,” Scott says. “We think that’s something that has been missing in the project home building sector. We’re trying to change that.”

Though Bradford Homes is a recent creation, the idea for the company had been forming for at least 10 years. It started with Scott being disappointed with the standard of quality of affordable homes in the South Australia. Then he realized that the smaller homes he was building with his luxury brands were “not that much more expensive than what the project builders were building,” despite still living up to his reputation for quality.

“I thought all South Australians should be able to buy a higher quality home at a more affordable price,” he says. “That’s why we started Bradford Homes. It wasn’t even a business decision; it wasn’t about making more profit. It was about making a difference for homebuyers in South Australia.”

Bradford Homes officially commenced in 2017. Since then, they have been offering both pre-designed plans and individually tailored homes. Clients choose from an extensive portfolio that has been created by their in-house team of designers, and they are given a range of personalisation options in order to create something that is uniquely theirs.

According to Scott, clients in the affordable home market choose Bradford Homes because they provide a standard of quality unparalleled in the sector. He credits that ability to the commitment and cohesiveness of their team, including their in-house professionals, as well as their external roster of subcontractors and suppliers.

When the company started, they mainly used the same partners that Scott had already built relationships with, and that already had experience delivering to his standard of quality. As the company has grown in size and volume, however, they have had to form new relationships. That has been a challenging process, Scott says, but they are making sure to get it right.

“We won’t work with tradesmen who don’t meet our standards,” he explains. “It’s too important to us that we maintain our quality.”

“The trades have to do a good job. They have to keep a clean site. They have to be able to communicate and work alongside each other,” Scott says. “That’s all critical. If a trade can’t do that, we won’t work with them again.”

By being so stringent about their subcontractors, Bradford Homes has been able to build a culture of professionalism and comradery – a culture where everyone feels part of the team, and everyone is invested in the finished product, and not just their scope of work.

“It’s been a slow process,” Scott admits. “We’ve had to find the right people, and we’ve had to get them on board and get them used to doing things differently. We’ve had that on the luxury home side, and now we’re building it with Bradford Homes.”

An example of a partner that does meet the company’s standards, and always has, would be Climat Air Conditioning & Solar. They are one of Australia’s longest established suppliers of home heating, cooling, and solar energy systems, with over 40 years’ experience in customer service. They carry a selection of Australian leading brands, and employ a team of highly trained professional consultants and installers. They provide the kind of proven quality that Bradford Homes is after, and that has made the company so highly sought after.

Worthy winners

Though new to the market, Bradford Homes has already been repeatedly recognised for their quality excellence and customer service. Their clients, for example, have been very supportive, and the company’s ratings and views reflect that.

“The response has been fantastic,” Scott says. “We get an awful lot of letters and thank you’s from our Bradford Homes customers.”

The response from the industry has been equally enthusiastic. In their inaugural year, Bradford Homes won two accolades at the 2018 Master Builders SA Excellence in Building and Construction Awards, in the categories for ‘Excellence in a Display Home $250,000 to $350,000’ and ‘Excellence in a Contract Home up to $300,000.’ They followed that up with another victory in 2019, in the category for ‘Excellence in a Display Home $350,000 to $500,000’.

Scott takes a lot of pride in that consistent recognition. He believes that it shows the market that his team can deliver quality on any job, no matter the size or price point.

“To be recognised amongst industry peers is a testament to our commitment to quality at every stage of the building process,” he says.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and it’s always a proud moment,” he adds. “You’re always happy to win an award. It shows you’re headed in the right direction. If the judges can see the quality of your work, I’m sure that clients can see it.”

The 2018 MBA awards were for a display home called ‘Vista’ in Seaford Heights, and for a contract home in South Plympton.

The contract home was built on a limited amount of land, and the judges commended it for making the most of it. They praised the “surprisingly generous living areas and storage spaces.” They also said that Bradford Homes achieved a “very high standard of detailing and finishes” and that the home “represents good value for money.”

Judges were also full of praise for the company’s award-winning display home. They said the category contained several outstanding entries, and that Bradford Homes “has raised the bar in this very competitive field.”

“This home is beautifully finished with quality inclusions such as oversize doors, full height tiling, alfresco outdoor kitchen and air-conditioning,” the judges wrote. They added that is represented “excellent value for money,” and they called it “a worthy winner.”

The 2019 MBA award, finally, was for a display called ‘Callington.’ According to the judges this year, that home demonstrates “excellence in all aspects of design and construction, especially in response to a challenging site.” They added that the “high standard of construction and excellent relationship with subcontractors all contributed to make this display home a stand-out winner.”

Moving forward, one of Bradford Homes’ goals is to continue earning those kinds of reviews and accolades from bodies such as the Master Builders. It’s not their main goal, however – Scott likes to say that “making customers happy and building quality homes is our main goal, and making money is just a consequence of that.”

To better deliver on their main goal, Bradford Homes aims to grow – just not too fast. They never want to take on more contracts than they can manage. Currently, that means about 100 at a time, with 50 on site at any given time. In the future, once they have found the right guys and expanded their team, they will grow those numbers accordingly.

“We’re on the cusp of that now,” Scott says. “We have a team that works really well, and we’re starting to grow it. We’re introducing more trades and we’re building up our culture.”

“Ultimately, we want Bradford Homes to be seen as one of South Australia’s premier affordable building companies,” he adds.

Personally, Scott also wants to take the lesson he has confirmed with Bradford Homes – that quality and affordability do mix – and apply it to even more housing projects, potentially under different brand names. He would like to be involved in public housing, for example, and “add a bit more quality to the finished product.”

“I think that if we use a similar model to Bradford Homes, we can provide something that is just as affordable, but that lasts longer, and that’s of higher quality,” he concludes. “I really think that’s possible. I want to see where that takes me.”

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