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With over 30 years of experience under their belts, BCP Precast has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete products in all of Australia. BCP offers a wide variety of concrete products ranging from drainage type products used in commercial plumbing to recreational products being used for skate ramps. “The company was founded in 1971 by Paul Beresford whose name is actually the B in Beresford Concrete Products,” says Wrix Gasteen, the current CEO of BCP. Having begun as concrete providers for the plumbing industry, BCP Precast took off and expanded their range of products. “Over the years that business prospered and grew from that single site. There was an acquisition to include the Sydney market. In June of 2007, the business was acquired by a private equity group, NBC Capital, and then went on through further expansion,” says Wrix. Today no other company is able to meet BCP Precast’s standards of range and quality.

Wrix was appointed chairman of the group and then took over as CEO only nine short months after their acquisition. During his time with BCP Precast, Wrix has witnessed both ups and downs. While initially they experienced growth, it was not long after that they began to feel the effects of the Global Financial Crisis. “Many infrastructure and building projects were put on hold,” says Wrix. “However, currently we are experiencing a significant boom. BCP Precast is uniquely situated to take advantage of the significant construction work that is happening currently on the redevelopment of the Pacific highway.” There is a substantial amount of work being done on freeways and BCP has submitted successful tenders for many of the essential products such as road barriers. There has been a lot of freeway work in New South Wales and in the Sydney market, and BCP has been appointed a substantial share of it.


BCP Precast has over 30 different products for different needs. In addition to the drainage type products being used in commercial plumbing businesses, they also have a large range of products for the civil engineering and infrastructure industries. BCP also offers products under several different brands while still maintaining the trusted BCP quality. “The different brands are manufactured within the same factory but we market them separately,” says Wrix. BCP Precast offers concrete products for the infrastructure, civil, construction, and also the commercial industries. Their clients stem from civil contractors, construction groups, plumbers, councils, government bodies, resellers, and distributors.

BCP Precast has a growing product range. Their concrete solutions include the modular bridge system, SMARTspan environmental products from StreamClean Gross Pollutant traps, and recreational products from skate ramps and building systems. Also, in the last few years, there has been in an increase in the number of environmental products that they offer. “These days in Australia major highways have to build underpasses to allow wildlife to go from one side of the highway to the other,” explains Wrix.

All products offered by BCP Precast are quality assured and meet the highest standards. They have created a “quality culture” to ensure their products not only meet standards but surpass them. Their reputation is built not only on their quality products but also on their effort to continuously improve. BCP Precast is consistently working to make their products and service better for their clients. It has become one of their core strategies to maintain themselves as the best in the business.

Custom built for your needs

Though BCP Precast offers standard type products such as modular bridge systems, these products are certainly not universal and will not work for every project. BCP has recognised this and responded accordingly. BCP Precast offers custom built concrete made to meet specific client designs and requirements. “We do a lot of custom engineered products where a company wants a special design for a special set of circumstances,” says Wrix. “One time, for example, we had to line the outside of 12 metre long pipes with concrete, and these pipes had a diameter of 1.5 metres. We coated them on the outside and the pipelines were laid across the Sydney harbour. It was a very unusual project.” Engineers often design their own products and then BCP is able to take that design and then build a mould to suit the manufacture. Wrix says that this sort of arrangement happens quite a bit.

Current Growth and challenges

BCP Precast, like many other companies, has benefited from the government stimulus packages. “While they took a long while to come into operations, the federal government has funded many different programs. There have been many building projects within schools all around Australia and many of our products were used by the contractors who went in to undertake these works,” says Wrix.

While infrastructure overall does not seem to be growing in Australia, Wrix explains that BCP is very well situated. “Where the infrastructure work is happening, we are there.” In addition to infrastructure, the mining, oil, and gas industries are experiencing a significant boom, which is working in BCP’s favour. “There is a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant being built in Queensland and we are supplying all the drainage products which are being used,” says Wrix.

However, the fact remains that no business is without its challenges. “The market is very competitive, and therefore getting the right balance between quality, safety, and cost is always a challenge,” says Wrix. Maintaining a quality product is the first area of priority for BCP, but it is crucial to do this is in a cost effective manner. BCP Precast is a wholly Australian owned manufacturer and is currently competing in the market against foreign owned multinational companies.

The future of BCP Precast

Being one of the leaders in the industry, BCP has no plans to slow down. They are looking to continue to grow for a number of years to come and as the resources boom continues, BCP is set to do just that. As for infrastructure, BCP is hoping it will also continue strongly for the next few years. They hope to continue to receive custom projects.