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Australian Sheet Piling

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A foundation based in experience

With almost 30 years of experience in the construction industry, delivering foundation and in-ground solutions, ASP (Australian Sheet Piling) has developed new techniques and products in response to the changing needs of the industry.

ASP began its journey as a company that operated exclusively on the Gold Coast supplying precast concrete panels.

“The company grew into a sheet piling business, and de-watering operation in recent years. This has become our full time focus,” Patrick Buckley, Managing Director of ASP.

ASP is a family owned company with the second generation in senior management positions to further the reputation for quality and service that has been a hallmark of the company since its establishment nearly 30 years ago.

“ASP was started by my father who had a partner for some years. In recent times the company has bought out the partner, and is surging ahead as a family business,” says Buckley.

What they can do

ASP has divided its function into two separate companies: one is devoted to their in-ground piling and retention solutions including sheet piling, CFA piles, revetment and secant walls, and the other is Australian Dewatering Systems (ADS).

ADS supplies its customers with deep well dewatering, well point dewatering, and also offers a range of filtration equipment.

“We can supply the right equipment to deal with pH adjustments and acid reduction in soils, we do a lot of remediation work for the likes of BP and Caltex,” says Buckley.

The in-ground retention arm of the business provides materials for building support, walls and reinforcement.

ASP’s sheet pile technology is designed to reduce the costs of their clients while providing the strength they need. Their lightweight design was created specifically to be vibrated into place, creating strong, almost seamless connections that can easily be adapted to the client’s needs.

The bored pile technique lets ASP support clients who are developing tall structures such as high-rise apartments. This is especially important when the building is expected to have the added stress of high wind gusts.

ASP’s revetment walls are specifically designed to overcome ground shifting near water. Using precast concrete panels ASP is able to stabilise the area, though this still requires regular maintenance and inspection – ASP is ready to serve that function as well.

ASP is also able to create soil mixed walls by cutting away hardened earth and adhering cement to the outer layer. This method gives clients a cost effective way to stabilise areas, and cut down on the use of surface materials. They also use Continuous flight augering (CFA) to create concrete piles, which gives companies the option of continuous and well anchored piles for added stability, and Soldier Piling is available for when the ground they are working with is made up of either almost solid soil, or clay.

They can create in-ground anchoring for any requirement and have their team of experts ready for advice and suggestions for any project.

Long reach, one location

“As you can see, we offer a very broad range of piling work,” says Buckley.

As for their geographic reach, ASP has undertaken projects as far north as Cairns and Townsville and down to northern and central New South Wales and, most recently in Canberra as part of the iconic Kingston Foreshore Redevelopment.

“We had an office at one time in Sydney when it was booming, but right now we will work as far south as Canberra and we have work going on all over the place it seems,” he said.

Buckley says geographical location is no barrier when companies can communicate instantly via the Internet and effective operation systems on site means increased speed and efficiency.

The fact ASP gets called on time and again by past clients is a testament to the quality of the work, says Buckley.

“ASP is a well-recognized name in the industry, a lot of the work we get is from forming relationships, it’s repetitive but it is stable,” he says.

The floods

During the floods they found that their expertise and experience came in high demand in Brisbane.  “When the floods hit Brisbane we were very busy, I myself got involved as I could with helping people out,” says Buckley. “It was a lot of mud, and a lot of water. We saw some absolutely terrible things there. The poor people in Brisbane – it’s just hard to explain what some of those people went through without driving through yourself. We were working in areas where the army had been called in, but the support of the people was just overwhelming. It was fantastic, just fantastic, how the community banded together,” says Buckley. During their efforts they pumped approximately 27 million litres of water out of one basement, and they were working in the area for over five days. “During that time we commissioned 30 or 40 pumps in the region.” The areas that they worked in were mostly rural, but Buckley says that the phone “rang hot” for the four or five days that they were in the area. Many of the people they helped were unlikely to have had insurance, but ASP did what they could.

Quality is its own calling card

One of the best ways they have found to establish that name and the quality work that ASP has come to represent is through the testimonials of satisfaction from their clients.   They have, however, found that a lot of their new clients come from hard work and getting their capabilities known to potential clients. The internet has driven some of their business, but they also employ a sales representative to provide for that much needed person to person contact.

“The water filtration part of the business in the last few years has had a lot of research and development put in it,” says Buckley. “Going back about two years ago we received funds from the federal government under a grant banner.” They also were able to secure tax relief for developing the technology, says Buckley. The application of this technology has given them an edge over the competition. With the remediation gear that they have invested in, they have travelled extensively in order to stay on the cutting edge of the technological advances and to grow their own offerings. Keeping their equipment level with the best technology available in the world has also lead to ASP getting contracts – their reputation for leading the way and being early adopters of new innovations has given them abilities that no one else has.

Expansion is a necessity for ASP. They are currently building a few new remediation tanks, though it is a slow and steady growth. “We can’t wait to have business pick up again. We are ready to get going, and get growing,” says Buckley.


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