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Antos Construction is an ACT building company with a broad range of capabilities and skills. They work in the residential, commercial and fitout sectors, and provide high quality results in each. Over the years, they have built a long list of loyal customers, and have earned a strong reputation in the region.

“Quality is important,” says Managing Director Nick Antos, describing his building philosophy. “We take care of our clients, and we try to deliver the best possible result. That’s why we rarely have to advertise – our customers come to us.”

Nick’s career in the construction industry began over 30 years ago, when he started as an architectural draftsman. After working with several architects in both Australia and London, he made the switch to construction, and formed his own company in 1996.

Today, Nick is supported by a talented and dedicated team, including his Project Manager Christopher Lourandos and Site Manager Erick Stefanik. Both bring years of experience to their roles, having worked on everything from small scale fitouts to multi-residential units, and even large scale commercial projects.

Keeping people happy

Antos Construction is based in Deakin, ACT, and operates mainly in Canberra and the surrounding areas. They have been known to go as far as Sydney for clients, and when it comes to their own developments Nick says there are no limits.

The company’s structure includes three operational divisions. In their commercial construction division, they can design and construct any commercial project. In their residential division, they undertake new constructions, extensions, modifications and renovations of residential dwellings – from single homes through to multi-residential units. Lastly, the company’s third division specialises in fitouts and refurbishments of shops, offices and medical suites.

In recent years, the majority of Antos’ workload has been made up of interior projects. The size of those jobs varies, and the company has done work ranging from $50,000 to $3 million.

According to Nick, the company has rarely had to do any advertising – almost all of their work has been generated by repeat clients and word of mouth. He credits that fact to their commitment to excellent client service.

“The work finds us,” Nick says simply. “If you keep your customers happy, they’ll keep coming back.”

Antos Construction makes their clients happy in a number of ways. One of those ways is by being “punctual,” and sticking to the time tables they commit to. Many of their projects have tight deadlines, and Nick has made achieving those deadlines a personal point of pride.

Nick also emphasises communication with clients. He says they make an extra effort to get to know the people they are working with, so they can better understand their needs and desires.

“We listen to what our clients want and, if at all possible, we deliver it,” Nick says. “Business is all about forming good relationships. If you form a good relationship, then you can make things happen – and you can make everyone happy.”

The team at Antos Construction also deserves a fair share of credit for the company’s success. That team includes the company’s dedicated direct staff, as well as their roster of skilled subcontractors and suppliers.

“We’ve got loyal subbies,” Nick says. “We treat them well, and we pay them well, and whenever we need them they’re available for us.”

“Good reliable suppliers are also extremely important,” he adds. “If a material is not delivered on time it adversely affects the project. That’s why we use our regular suppliers that have served us for many years, and can guarantee us a prompt reliable service.”

Antos Construction is also set apart by their commitment to staying up-to-date with building trends and technologies. In today’s market, that means knowing how to build “green,” and incorporate sustainable initiatives into their homes. Many customers value those features, and Antos is adept at providing them.

For example, two of the company’s award-winning residential projects have used solar lights. The majority of their projects also feature double glazed windows, as well as LED lights to reduce carbon emissions and make the building more energy-efficient.

Industry recognised

Antos Construction’s consistent level of quality has earned them more than the gratitude of their customers – it has also earned them award recognition from the industry as a whole. Most recently, at the 2013 Master Builders and Cbus Excellence in Buildings Awards, the company won in the category for Apartments and Units up to 3 Storeys.

“It’s great to be acknowledged,” Nick says of the recognition. “It’s a great pat on the back for the staff. It’s great for them to know that they’ve done something that their peers consider award-worthy. It makes them all proud.”

Nick credits the company’s award-winning result to, firstly, the quality of their design. As an architectural draftsman, he worked closely with the architects on the winning project, and had a lot of input into the final plan.

Secondly, Nick credits the award to the high level of the home’s finish.

“We really do care about delivering the best quality possible,” he says. “If something is not up to scratch, we don’t just leave it – we repair it, or replace it. We do whatever has to be done to make sure the project is 100 per cent.”

Antos Construction’s commitment to sustainability also paid off on the winning project. They used solar street and security lights within the apartment complex. By doing that, they not only “did their part for the environment,” Nick says, but also kept fees down for residents.

“That went a long way to impressing the judges,” he says.

Moving forward, Nick adds that he wants to see the company take on more high quality projects like that one, where the skill and dedication of their team is valued and put to good use.

Beyond that, he says his vision for Antos Construction involves simply doing what they are already doing – delivering quality outcomes for satisfied clients.

“The long term plan is to keep constructing high quality buildings and developments,” he concludes. “We just want to continue providing the Canberra market with great service.”

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