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AirConomic is a friendly, family-operated provider of professional air conditioning and refrigeration services. Their roster of trained technicians is professional, reliable, and committed to delivering high quality workmanship. Over the years, that dedication has earned the business an unrivalled reputation for excellence in service, performance, and customer satisfaction.

The company was first established in 2006 by Ryan and Monique McCarthy, and has since risen to one of the foremost service providers of air conditioning, refrigeration, and mechanical cooling solutions. Located in Bibra Lake, AirConomic is now a provider of numerous cooling solutions throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Today, AirConomic’s customers comprise a broad mix of companies in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. They also operate an industrial division, traveling to remote areas with a dedicated team for Western Australia’s mining, oil and gas industries.

The company is also a proud member of the Australian Mechanical Contractors Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and ApprentiCentre – which assists with the development of young apprentices in Western Australia.

AirConomic offers a full complement of services, from design to installation to preventive maintenance and breakdown repairs. According to Director Ryan McCarthy, their broad range of capabilities is the first of several factors that help the company stand apart in the market.

“We’re diverse enough to do everything,” he explains. “We can install a product, maintain it, and look after it. A lot of companies will either just have a service division or an install division, they won’t have any sort of follow-up.”

“Secondly, no matter what equipment we install, we will get a deal with the manufacturer so that we can carry out the warrany,” he adds. “So if something fails further down the line, rather than deal with someone they don’t know, a client can just call us and we’ll fix it.”

Airconomic is also set apart by the quality of their service, Ryan says. He explains that the key to providing is communication – they go out of their way to get to know their customers and their various needs.

“We take the time to ask people what they want, what they need, what went wrong with their last provider,” Ryan says. “Each client has different likes and dislikes – so we find out what those things are and make sure we cater to them.”

“As a result, once people come to us they’ll almost definitely come back.”

Always learning

Over the years, AirConomic’s corporate culture has had its ups-and-downs, Ryan says. That past strife made them realise the importance of a unified team, however, and their culture is now stronger than it has ever been.

“Years ago, our culture within the company was really poor,” Ryan recalls. “The economy was really strong and it was hard to find labour – and the people we did have were able were able to pull whatever strings they wanted to make us keep them.”

“It got to a point where we finally decided it wasn’t going to be that way anymore,” he continues. “We decided we were going to change the culture within the business.”

From there, Ryan says, they implemented “accountability” – they started to hold their guys responsible for their attitude and work ethic. He adds that it’s not just about being accountable to the company, but to the client as well.

“It’s caused the culture of our company to change 180 degrees, and it’s something we really hold close to our chests now,” Ryan says. “We make sure that the new people we bring into the organization will fit that mould – it’s not only about being able to do the job, but about fitting the culture within the company as well.”

The company’s focus on accountability has also effected how they look at prospective employees. “I think what we look for a lot in new people we bring aboard is attitude and the desire to grow,” says Ryan. “This industry is quite diverse – you could be in it until you’re 60 and still be learning stuff. So it’s important when we get people that they want to learn.”

Also, because AirConomic provides a wide range of services, they have room for growth within their organisation. So when they bring a new employee aboard, they ask them what their goals are – specifically, what do they want to be doing in five years

“Maybe an in-store aid will say ‘Well, I want to be a project manager,’” Ryan says, citing an example. “Then we’ll issue them with a position description for a project manager, so they can actually see what one does. And if they still want to do it, we start giving them experience in that area and pushing them in that direction.”

Constantly evolving

In the eight years since the company has been in business, AirConomic has been consistently evolving and growing. According to Ryan, they have essentially doubled the size of their business every year. Moving forward, however, he says his main goal will be to manage that growth carefully and maintain the company’s strengths.

“The slowing down of the economy has forced us to adjust our attitude, and be a lot more competitive,” he recalls. “But it’s actually helped us in the long run. We’ve learned a lot of fundamental strategies, and we’re going to use those going forward to help our business continue to advance.”

Fore more information, please visit their website at:  AirConomic

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