Australian Automobile Association

Australian Automobile Association
Australian Automobile Association
Australian Automobile Association
Australian Automobile Association

The Australian Automobile Association (or AAA) was established in 1924, and coordinates the activities of its members in motor clubs. Its major focus is to represent the interests of all Australian automobile owners nationally and internationally.

The AAA has been known for being the official voice of Australian motorists, and car enthusiasts across the world. The AAA boasts 6.3 million members across Australia and continues to support motorists and their passions. They are members of several international groups with connections to 160 clubs in over a 120 countries.

The AAA is part of all of Australia’s state and territory motoring clubs including NRMA Motoring & Services, the RACV, RACQ , RACWA, RAA, AANT, RACA, RACT, and the RACA.

It also serves as a member of more than a number of national boards:

  • National Transport Council
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia
  • Industry Greenhouse Network
  • Alliance Internationale de Tourisme (AIT)
  • Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)
  • AIT/FIA Public Policy Commission / Various Commissions
  • AIT/FIA Information Centre (OTA)
  • FIA Foundation on Carbon Sequestration (FIPIC)
  • National Road Transport Commission (NRTC)
  • Chairman’s Advisory Group
  • Technical Liaison Group
  • National Road Safety Research and
  • Development Strategy Working Group
  • Industry Advisory Group
  • Cost Allocation Reference
  • Group Alternative Compliance Committee
  • Australian Trucking Association
  • Trucksafe
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Transport Statistics User Group
  • Tourism Statistics Consultative Group
  • New Car Assessment Program (NCAP)
  • Management Committee
  • Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)
  • Advisory Committee to Review Australian Design Rules
  • Independent Review Committee
  • Motor Vehicle Standards Act Review
  • ATSB Task Force on Road Safety
  • Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • Various Committees
  • Environment Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Technical Working Group on Fuel Consumption Labelling
  • Advisory Committee on Emissions and Noise (ACVEN)
  • Inspection Maintenance Program
  • Emissions Rules
  • Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
  • Transport Trade Working Group
  • Australian Preparatory Group
  • Tourism Council Australia (TCA)
  • National Council
  • Transport and Shipping Committee
  • Quality Assurance Committee
  • National Associations Committee