Multisport Concepts


Sporting a Good Brand

Multisport Concepts has provided Australians across the country with sports and recreation facilities since 1990. After starting off as a family company under the name Sports Platforms, the company has steadily grown in size and capacity over the years. Their motto “we build, you play” has transcended through time and is deeply reflected in the company’s ability to provide sustainable high quality solutions for sports and recreation facilities.

As of 2001, the company has been rebranded as Multisport Concepts in order to “reflect the more global nature of the business,” according to current owner, George Crofts. George, who was formerly in the airline industry for 32 years, joined Multisport in 2010 and brought his procedure-insistent skill base to his new role. Alongside his wife, Cathy, George has continued to deliver the company’s clients with full turn-key solution for all their project needs.

“We design, construct, and maintain all sporting facilities,” says George. “We offer a very broad spectrum of court products product – anything from tennis, netball, basketball, golf, cricket, hockey, and football. We do them all. Lighting and fencing. Anything sports and recreation related is basically what we tackle.”
“Quality and discipline are what sets us apart,” he adds. “We are a one-stop-shop for clients and we can see projects through from conception to completion.”

Helpful Assists

Multisport Concepts is able to earn the trust of their clients by being exceptionally transparent and honest with them. According to George, the company has an open door culture when it comes to all their stakeholders. “Anybody can come to see me at any time,” says George. “It is a very close-knit office.”

George adds that three of the personnel have been there since he bought the company and for some considerable time before. There are also apprentices that began working with the company and have ended up staying on.
“We promote and train from within wherever possible. If someone is capable then they will succeed.”
Multisport Concepts also fosters equally close partnerships with their external suppliers, George adds. “Typically we have strong relationships with suppliers,” he says. “We think of it as –you grow us, we grow you. But as you progress, you partner with people that have the best technology to help you out.”

Through coordinated planning, clients are essentially walked through their projects from the earliest stages to the end turnover. While many are only one-time clients, that’s because most of Multisport Concept’s products last the client upwards of 30 years. There are, however, Tier-1 Builders who do request repeat work from Multisport Concepts once they have worked with them once and seen what they can do.

Throughout the whole process, clients are able to access information about their project at any time. “All clients have access to phenomenal amounts of information on their daily commute or at lunch,” says George. “It is imperative that we provide high quality, authoritative and digestible information to satisfy this research.”

Innovative Business

In June 2014, Multisport Concepts attended the Gold Coast Business awards, and received the Mayor’s Innovation Award for their work in the industry, “providing clients with full turnkey solutions extending from soil testing, planning, and earthworks through to construction, fencing, and servicing.”

“We are proud to have received this award,” says George. “It means that we are at the forefront of development in the industry. We always seek to find a new and more innovative solution to every problem.”

An example of innovative work comes from the environmentally sustainable methods through which tennis courts and fields are created. According to George, the company uses synthetic surfaces – which help the environment, and also cut down on maintenance requirements for the client.

“All of our products offer a significant ‘whole of life’ value proposition,” says George. “Measured by a simple metric of cost per game, synthetic surfaces far outshine any natural product. Our football pitches save millions upon millions of litres of water per annum over a natural grass fields.”

“They offer massive increased in utilization thereby reducing the investment in associated infrastructure. Lastly, the carbon sequestration argument so often used with natural grass is nebulous given the amount of mowing undertaken.”

Multisport Concepts has made particularly good use of this technology in the mining sector, where they have worked on numerous mine camps.

“We need to ensure that mine owners are getting the best possible utilization per square metre and the best possible participation rate because the facilities have budgets for each and every item. They need to see where they spend the dollar, and they get a much better return in our sector per square metre.”

For example, a mine camp recreational area was “called up” with a simple double tennis court, cricket net and golf practice area. While it was functional for the client it did not optimise the sports played or the number of participants at any one time. With careful re-design Multisport Concepts was able to offer tennis and volleyball combination, and a cricket futsal combination, whilst preserving the golf practice area. The result was a vastly improved participation capacity at a minor increase in cost.

Expanding Horizons

Multisport Concepts continues to be a strong and ever-growing company. While the base of the company will remain in the Gold Coast, there are plans to expand into the rest of Australia and beyond. “We just expand with the base of operation that we work from,” says George. “As a result of initiatives from the Gold Coast Council, we are also discussing projects overseas.”

“The difference in the way we operate is between precision and accuracy—it is a definition that most people don’t understand. Accuracy is the degree of finesse you obtain when doing something. It is the ever-small increments you work to. And precision is the ability to produce that time and time and time again. You can be accurate without being precise and precise without being accurate. In technical terms they are not interchangeable.”
“What Multisport Concepts is endeavouring to do, is to be at all times as precise and accurate as possible. We endeavour to give a high quality continuously, and do that to the standard and specification that the customer expects.”

The company has grown 400 per cent over the last 10 years, and moving forward, will aim to continue or improve on that growth.