Ford Civil


Unmatched service

Ford Civil Contracting is an industry-leading civil construction company based in Sydney. Over the course of 35 years in business, the company hasdeveloped a reputation for quality and industry commitment. They have become known for their long-serving professional workforce, as well as the emphasis they place on safety and the environment.

“We strive to exceed client expectations,” says Mark Moult, Project Manager at the company. “We value clear communication, and we’re always looking for ways to create cost-efficiencies without ever sacrificing quality. And as a result of our performance, we have a lot of clients that come back to us.”

Over the years, Ford Civil has developed a full range of civil construction services to offer those clients. Today, they do everything from site remediation, to road works, streetscapes and malls, bulk earthworks, demolition, commercial landscaping, and more.

According to Mark, the company is set apart in all those markets by the strength of their team. He says the company is backed by more than 300 years of combined management experience in government and private sector civil projects, and adds that the company is staffed throughout by “straight-shooting and experienced construction professionals.”

Among Ford Civil’s ranks, clients will find highly qualified engineers, construction and project managers, estimators, surveyors, accountants, forepersons, machine operations, and construction workers. The company considers their team their “greatest asset,” and their corporate instills in everyone a sincere commitment to project success.

“By having such a large advisory base, we can provide a service to clients that other companies can’t match,” Mark says.

“Due to our experienced workers, we can meet deadlines while saving the clients’ money,” he adds. “We can get past unforeseen obstacles while maintaining the program, and we keep the budget low by looking for cost-saving opportunities wherever they present themselves. That represents a real point of difference for us.”

Quality experience

The majority of Ford Civil Contracting’s clients are government bodies such as Sydney Ports and Sydney Airport, as well Tier-1 building contractors such as Leighton, Lend Lease, Thiess, and AW Edwards – most of whom have worked with Ford Civil on multiple projects. According to Mark, one of the company’s largest and most frequent clients is the City of Sydney, who they have completed many street upgrades for.

Mark credits that loyalty to the quality of their finishes, and to their experience managing community concerns.
“We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality of finish, and that is whatsets us apart,” he says. “We also have a strong team of foremen and engineers that are very skilled at dealing with community concerns. They know how to work with stakeholders and local shopowners to make sure we have minimal impact on their businesses.”
“We have an extremely strong project team in general,” he reiterates. “We can resolve design conflicts and obstacles on site due to our experience.”

“And we have a large resource base,” he adds.“If we ever have to kick up the pace for whatever reason, we can do that due to our size.”

All about teamwork

Over the years, Ford Civil’s commitment to providing quality service has not gone unnoticed by the industry at large. In 2007, for example, the company was a Category 3 winner at the CCF Earth Awards, which recognise construction and environmental excellence in civil construction across Australia. The CCF Earth Awards are considered the most prestigious awards in the civil infrastructure arena, and their Category 3encompasses projects valued between $5 and $20 million.

In 2009, Ford Civil Contracting was the NSW state finalist in the same CCF Earth Award category. In 2014, they will also be representing NSW at the CCF Earth Awards National Final. They were nominated for their work on the Permanent Stormwater Diversion at Barangaroo South, which is the major new extension of the Sydney CBD.
In his remarks, David Castledine – CEOof CCF NSW – praised Ford Civil and the other finalists, saying they “displayed the sort of innovative, expert engineering and skilled project management that is going to be needed as we get on with the job of rebuilding NSW’s infrastructure.”

“We’re very thankful for that,” Mark says. “It’s recognition of the hard work our supervisors, labourers, project managers, and engineers put in.”

“The CCF is a prestigious body and the Earth Awards are well recognised in the industry,” he adds. “So everyone is extremely happy with the win – including our owners and directors.”

Ford Civil Contracting first came on board the award winning project in 2012, when they conducted early preliminary and investigation works. From there, the majority of their works took roughly a year to complete.
Mark describes the award-recognised project as “very technically difficult.” Because it took place on the largest construction site in Sydney, it was challenging to work within and around the large amount of infrastructure. They also had to deal with tidal water and live stormwatersystems – all while implementing very precise and intricate building techniques.

“We had to connect to Sydney Harbour, and we had to make sure we didn’t pollute the harbour at any stage,” Mark explains. “At the end of the day, we accomplished that. We didn’t cause any environmental impact.”
Ford Civil also had to contend with a tight but important timeframe. They needed to complete their contract before the larger project team could start essential excavation on the site. If this were held up in any way, the project as a whole wouldnothave been able to proceed on time.

“It is a very critical milestone we had to meet, and we managed to do that despite all the various challenges we encountered,” Mark explains.
As an example of how Ford Civil overcame challenges, they utilised a special sound-proof wall on their barriers when they were adjacent to restaurants and cafés. This enabled them to work longer hours without disrupting the nearby stakeholders, which kept them on program and prevented them from losing time.
In general, Mark credits the project’s exceptional result to the strength of Ford Civil’s methodology, as well as the skill and experience of their workforce.

“We understood the job completely, and we had a team capable of doing the works,” he says. “They were dedicated, they worked quickly and safely, and they got the job done on time.”

Ford Civil’s team was also well organised, Mark adds. They all worked closely with Robin Campion from Lend Lease, who was the Site Manager at Barangaroo South. They met with him at least weekly to discuss upcoming works and strategies, and suggest safety and efficiency improvements that could be made.

“We were assessing the site on an almost-daily basis as a team,” Mark explains. “I think that close relationship between us, our client, and our foreman made the job so successful. That’s how we managed to deliver it on time and without impacting any other stages of the work – despite the tight program and the difficult conditions.”
“It’s such an iconic job in Sydney, and I’m proud to have contributed to it,” he concludes. “I’m very proud of all the workers and every member of the team at Ford Civil. It was a great result.”

Based on the strength of their delivery of the Permanent Stormwater Diversion, Ford Civil has recently been awarded another large project at Barangaroo South. They are now preparing to do a lot of the internal roadworks, footpath works, and infrastructure installation on the site. They have also won a large contract on another part of the site, where they will be doing a lot of the street upgrades.

According to Mark, the company is looking forward to delivering similar high quality results in that area for years to come.