Rapid Tilt Construction


Construction that stands on its own

Rapid Tilt Construction is a successful industrial and commercial builder based in Perth. Known for their unique method of tilt-up concrete panel construction, Rapid Tilt combines their passion for technology and customer service for their construction projects.

Adam Jupp, the current Owner and Managing Director of Rapid Tilt, was born into the building commercial and industrial buildings. After earning an Associate Diploma in Construction from Technical and Further Education, Adam worked alongside his father at what was then known as Smallbrook Construction and Development.

For 10 years, Adam worked with his father and the Smallbrook team, building houses in Perth area. As the company evolved, they rebranded—and as of 2012, the company has been known as Rapid Tilt.

With a project range anywhere from $200 000 up to $3 to4 million, Rapid Tilt uses their skills and experience in construction in the Metropolitan Perth.

Quality and speed

To deliver projects for clients, Rapid Tilt relies on their personal team as well as trades and subcontractors on construction their sites.

“We try to keep our project amounts small,” says Adam. “We only have four or five projects on at one time, so I am heavily in control with what is going on, and I can go to sites regularly and have a say in what goes on offsite and onsite.”

“Essentially, the owners are dealing with me all times.”

While clients can be assured of the best quality with the thorough work of Rapid Tilt, they are also assured of a time conscious construction process, which the company highly values.

“Recently, we had a client that gave us seven months to complete a project,” says Adam. We had planned for six months, but we completed it in five months.”

To achieve such a fast turn-around, Rapid Tilt uses a software program that provides efficient planning and time scheduling for those involved. This occurs through an alert that goes out to subcontractors and suppliers telling them when they need to be on site.

“It alerts the trades that they are expected on the site in 30 days, which gives them a clear notification of the job a month in advance,” says Adam. “And our time frames are accurate, which the trades know.”
Adam speaks highly of Rapid Tilt’s trade base, saying that many know each other and know what is expected of each other. The benefit to using the same team for each job, Adam says, is that the trades and workers know what they need to do based on previous experience working with the company—there is no differentiation on the methods, which in the end, “is less maintenance” for Rapid Tilt.

Reliable construction

Prior to construction being handed to a team, Rapid Tilt is able to take clients through a pre-site evaluation and design process, where the developing and engineering strategies are put into a visible plan. To do this, Rapid Tilt uses an open line of communication between themselves and the clients by using allowing access to the online planning program for the project.

“The software we use for our programming also gives clients the access to the schedule, selections, and any information that our supervisors or subcontractors would see,” says Adam. “We’re very transparent in that sense.”
With Rapid Tilt, clients can be also be confident in knowing exactly where their money is going. When a price is given to the client, there are no deviations from the plan that was discussed in the beginning; it is the same project and the same budget that has been promised.

“We look after the client,” says Adam. “Our target market is the owner-occupier market, and they do not need any hassles.We complete the whole design and construct process for them – you give us the block and we’ll give you the keys and handle everything in between.”

Client satisfaction

Adam says that Rapid Tilt is a business that continues to build itself on the importance of the client being involved in the process. A lot of our work consists of repeat clients, some of whom are our subcontractors, and have a choice in builders.

“That means we must be doing something right if we’re the builder they choose again.”

Alongside customer satisfaction, the company’s tilt-up concrete wall construction is what they are best known for. When constructing buildings, concrete is brought on site and poured into a mould in the dimensions and shape of the walls needed for the building. Each wall is then left to cure before it is lifted up into place—a method that is backed with a 10-year structural guarantee.

The Perth community continues to respond to Rapid Tilt’s customer driven satisfaction, workmanship,and quality guarantee, as they have recently been selected to work in Osborne Park. The development is estimated to be a $2.5 to $3 million project done for the city. Additionally, there are also projects inprogress for Port Kennedy and Bayswater, to be completed in a high profile location where the councils are accessing for development approval.
There is however, an advantage to the company being small according to Adam—client satisfaction in each project.
“I do not want to expand Rapid Tilt to the point where I lose the personal touch with our clients and cannot control the quality on site. We have a great group of staff and subcontractors at the moment with a brilliant attitude and ethic for work.”