Anka Property


Creating efficiency

Anka Property Group is a privately owned and operated development company with a long history of quality, innovation, and success. For two generations, they have developed a long list of industry-leading solutions for clients in a wide range of projects, including planning, design, financing, construction, management, and marketing.

The company was first established in 1968 by Alex Boyarsky and his wife, and was initially based out of Sydney. Since the company’s inception, they have developed over 300 projects, all across Australia as well as overseas. These projects encompass a wide variety of building types, including low and high rise home units, condominium towers, community and neighbourhood centers, office buildings, major retail centres, light industrial complexes, schools and hospitals.

Additionally, the company has devoted a special amount of focus to the United States, where another version of the company called Anka Developments Inc has established a name for itself.

“’We live to enjoy building great buildings,’” quotes Andrew Boyarsky, Alex’s son and current Managing Director of the company. “That’s what we say here. Our key strength is we are a group of engineers and builders with a strong technical background, which enables us to create truly efficient buildings that are very liveable to the end users.”

“As for what sets us apart, I believe it’s our very tight control of the more technical aspects in development,” he continues. “We are always working hard to create efficiency in our designs, so that any money spent is done so that the occupant or end user will ultimately benefit and not put any extraneous costs into the structure or services of the building – all of which makes for a more durable, more sustainable, and just all around better outcome.”
“The other things we have are both experience and passion. We use insights gained from previous projects into our next ones, and over the years we’ve gathered a lot insight. Despite our growth and size though, we don’t do as many projects as our shape could allow, as we would rather enjoy the details of getting our projects right. That’s really evident in the fact we retain portions of all our developments, so we’re there for the long-term.”

Strong Relationships

According to Andrew, Anka Property Group enjoys strong relationships with nearly all their stakeholders. Over the years, the company has built lasting relationships with architects, builders, tenants, and especially employees – nearly all of whom have been with Anka for 10 years or longer.

“We have a good camaraderie,” Andrew says. “We don’t have a huge infrastructure – we’re just a group of friendly associates that like doing good projects. Keeping things simple and honest like that really helps build trust and good relationships that have led to such excellent retention in our staff.”

“Because we often retain portions of our projects, we all often land in the same boat as our end users as well,” he continues. “We all care about the long term quality and sustainability of these buildings as much as the residents, and the result of that is that our relationships are about as good as they could be. You could say that, in a way, we view ourselves as one our own clients, and treating ourselves well includes treating others well too.”
Anka is also constantly looking for the best consultants and collaborators, Andrew adds. “We’re really blessed in Australia with a lot of good architects,” he says. “Subsequently, part of the beauty of the design process is utilising a cross-section of those. When they perform well, we are happy to oblige using them again, but part of the dynamic of property is that each project is different and unique, and often there is more than one solution to getting a great outcome.”

“Part of the excitement and enjoyment of development is utilising expertise with different architects to create a unique project. We use a range of architect consultants depending on the type of project – who has the best expertise, how well suited their approach is going to be to that particular site, and other factors will determine who we call upon to make that project really interesting.”

Award-winning Quality

Over the years, Anka’s history of innovation and excellence in design has not gone unnoticed. The company has won a number of Australian and international awards. One example is their Liberty Grove project, a residential suburb in inner-west Sydney, which was recognized as the country’s Best Medium Density Development by the Urban Development Institute of Australia at the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards.

Another significant development delivered by the company is 120 Terry Street, located within Union Bailmain, a residential development in Sydney. That project includes 199 residential dwellings, 1,777 square metres of retail space, and 348 square metres of “work/live lofts.” It was designed from the outside-in to achieve a 5 Star GreenStar rating.

“There’s a lot of simple stuff that took the project that extra mile,” says Travis Wakefield, Construction Manager at Anka Property Group. “It has things like extra thermal insulation, electricity monitoring, most of the materials being all natural, solar axis, cross ventilation – a whole range of things really over the entire project. We picked all that out from the start, which made things easier than trying to inject them halfway in. That idea was mostly Cundall’s, an environmental sustainability design consultant we brought in early for the project.”
The elevated nature of the site provides upper floors of the residence with an exceptional view over Iron Cove and the surrounding suburbs in Sydney. The roof itself is an urban park and garden, which residents can enjoy right from home.

“Our concepts for the structure eventually led to us to changing the roof in accordance with making a more narrow, long, low-rise structure,” says Andrew. “The views to the north we created were nothing less than spectacular as a result, and also allowed the building to get a great amount of natural sunlight. We also added an urban park to the edge of the roof, turning it from a bland top to a beautiful garden space that could take advantage of the sun and skyline, along with the ecological benefits that came with it.”

Moving forward, Andrew says the company wants to continue achieving high quality outcomes like they did on that project. In other words, they want to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

“We’ve got other projects coming along, but we really want to give focus to inner-city urban renewal sector – we see those as the most sustainable developments that we can do,” Andrew says. “Those projects tend to have a lot more complexity to them then things like housing in subdivisions, but we strongly believe they do the most good and are eventually the most profitable with efficient designs – and that’s what we intend to provide for them.”