J M Kelly Builders


Building with experience

JM Kelly (Project Builders) Pty Ltd is a premier Australian construction company backed by more than 50 years of experience. Dedicated to excellence, commitment, and professionalism, JMK delivers exceptional results to clients in all building sectors – from commercial, to industrial, institutional, recreational, and educational. With offices in Rockhampton, Gladstone, Mackay and Brisbane, JMK has built many award-winning projects throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.

Geoff Murphy is one of the founders of JMK, having commenced operations in Rockhampton in1961. Over the subsequent 50 years, Geoff has grown the business into one of the largest private companies – and one of the largest employers – in all of Queensland.

At the age of 20, and after serving three and a half years as an apprentice carpenter, Geoff Murphy moved to Rockhampton to start his own construction company. Today, the business has evolved into privately owned group of a dozen companies has almost 400 employees and a turnover of $100 million.

Geoff is Chairman and Managing Director of the group, and his experience remains one of the company’s best assets. In 1985,he was awarded a certificate in recognition of his resourcefulness and achievement in contributing to the expansion of Queensland’s economy. In 1992, he graduated from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration after completion of the Owner President Manager course. He is also the only person to have been awarded the title of Queensland Business Executive of the Year, twice.

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Relationship building

Throughout the last 50 years, Geoff has continued to build the company by either purchasing or establishing other construction industry based businesses. The Group now consists of a diversified range of companies with interests in all aspects of the building industry – including Sand and Gravel Supplies, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Aluminium Windows and Doors Supply and Fabrication, Timber Joinery, Cabinet and Kitchen Cupboard Manufacturing, Plumbing and Drainage, Electrical Contracting, Switch Board Manufacturing, Steel and Metal Work Fabrication and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

JMK’s engagement with other industry partners in combination with their own extensive industry experience allows them to offer a comprehensive suite of services from inception to completion to facilitate a stress free development process. As a result, no matter what procurement route is adopted, JMKis in an ideal position to participate, assist or lead in the project delivery process.

At the same time, JMK continues to be a family company, and continues to foster the intrinsic values that come from family relationships. Integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, and hard work filter through to all parts of the Group.
The corporate culture at JM Kelly is one of honesty and confidence among employees. With Geoff as the Managing Director, and his children as part of the work group, there is a sense of family openness and ease, which is a key part of JMK culture. The individual business units do function as teams; this is the reason for success as a group – outside pressures are easier to manage because internal pressures are reduced in a family environment.

These values also aid in JMK’s commitment to client delivery. It makes them want to win regional and state awards, deliver projects defect-free, and bring customers back for their next project.

Key to success with clients is JMK’s ability tolisten openly to what they want, and to inform clients of the progress of their project. If their clients believe they are keeping them informed and working in their best interests, they are comfortable telling them what they want, and will be happy to come back to them.

Repeat clients are at the core of the company’s business. The reputation that JMK has for consistent quality and commercial integrity reinforces therelationships they developwith clients and architects. They have a fairly close team of architectural firms they know can deliver a quality, value project for the client. This is reinforced with fairly consistent awards at both the regional and state level. Behind all the awards, of course, are the team members – the site managers, the project managers and the contract managers. These are also the people who maintain the relationships with the clients and the architects.

Even with the best project manager, accounts manager and site manager, construction cannot happen without quality suppliers and subcontractors—some whom JMK have relationships with that extend beyond 20 years. The strength of these relationships is a mutual understanding. Both the company and client know what is expected from each other. Of course, quality of product must be maintained and consistency of performance must be maintained. If JMK notices an aspect of the relationship that needs to be addressed, there is open communication and feedback because there is a longstanding trust and understanding between JMK, their suppliers, and their partners.

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A wide scope

Over the years, JMK have undertaken numerous ‘Building the Education Revolution’ projects as well as a variety of public and private education facility projects across the state. Current projects range from new education infrastructure in Cairns to Toowoomba to Jimboomba in Brisbane. Projects of note include the award winning Rockhampton Grammar School, CQU Gladstone Campus Training College, Wide Bay Institute of TAFE, CQU Mackay Campus Conservatory of Music.

JMK havealso undertaken many innovative Design and Construction projects ranging from town houses through to high rise apartments and master planned island resorts. Many of these have become landmark buildings in their own right – for example, the Quest Apartments in Mackay and the Capricorn Iwasaki Resort in Yeppoon.

Additionally, JMK have extensive experience in public and private Health and Community projects ranging from Major Refurbishment and New Build Hospitals to Master Planned Aged Care developments, Courthouses, Libraries and Police Stations. JMK have developed an experienced and knowledgeable Health and Community team, which has worked on projects such as Misericordiae Hospital New Ward Block in Rockhampton, and the award winning Gladstone Hospital Redevelopment.

JMK also has a strong background in the Commercial, Office & Retail sector, and has built numerous award winning projects such as shopping villages, prestige showroom refurbishments, and office fit-outs. The JMK team are perfectly placed to deliver a refurbishment, development or fit-out project. In the commercial sector, JMK has also completed the award winning Redhill Homemaker Centre in Rockhampton, in addition to the award winning Stockland Redevelopment in Rockhampton.

Even more, JMK Project Builders consistently deliver bespoke industrial buildings to meet the individual and specific needs of clients, providing the highest quality facilities and leading to increased efficiency and performance of their operations. The Joy Mining Storage Warehouse and Amenities and Queensland Rail workshops are just two of the projects that JMK has proudly delivered.

JMK Project Builders arealso justifiably proud of the Heritage and Restoration projects they have had the pleasure to undertake, including challenging and innovative design and construction activities balancing heritage conformance with buildability to achieve positive outcomes and splendid results. These projects are viewable for the public, including the Lady Bowen Building in Spring Hills Brisbane, the School of Arts in Rockhampton, and the award winning Walter Reid Arts Centre in Rockhampton.

JMK also acknowledges Sports and Leisure as integral components to the Queensland and Australian way of life, and as ways of bringing a community together. The provision of quality facilities will enrich Australian communities and ensure that sport remains ingrained for generations to come. From school sports facilities to luxury leisure facilities, JMK continues to take pride in their contribution to the wellbeing of communities. Rockhampton has already received a few Sports and Leisure Centres, including the CQU Community Sports Complex, and the Frenchville Sportsclub—however, JMK has reached to other communities as well.

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The Empire

Recently, JMK has been working on the Empireproject in Rockhampton, and has been involved since the building’s inception. The project is Design and Construct, with JMK giving input during each phase.

Empire was designed from the basement up to be the premier accommodation not just for the city, but for all of Central Queensland. It is expected to be local landmark for decades to come. This is evident in the size, the scope, the design and the quality of finishes.

One of the unique attributes of Empire is its size and the location. The site is positioned effectively in the heart of Rockhampton, and with few development projects in that location, its grandeur attracts a high profile and is a talking point for the community.

The development greatly benefits Rockhampton, as it fills a need for quality accommodation that is currently not matched. The project has incorporated the largest single concrete pours delivered in Central Queensland. As a Central Queensland based company, JMK are committed to development of this community and JMK are proud to be a part of that.

Rockhampton is a relatively smalland close-knit community. The principals at JMK have always had an amicable relationship with the client. This is their first project with that client, and the relationship has been strengthened as the design and constructing process has played out. When all parties in the project adopt a professional and progressive approach to the project, when communication is clear and consistent, when there is underlying respect for the skills brought to the project, relationships are cemented. That has been the case with Empire, and JMK expects the final result will be an award-winning project.

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Keeping momentum

The current building and construction industry climateis quite challenging. Record numbers of builders are being put into liquidation or administration – almost on a weekly basis. This is challenging for both the principals of building companies and for the employees. At JMK, employees are regarded as being a part the successful family, and the challenge is to keep winning work that will keep company momentum going.

Increasing construction industry regulation is just a challenge to be met and absorbed. No one is interested in harm coming to any work colleagues, and the need to comply with changing legislation, standards, and codes of practice cannot be underestimated. As a company, JMK continues to ensure that what they do is fair, safe, effective, and proper.

At the same time, technology is increasingly important within the building industry, and JMK is constantly reviewing available equipment to identify the best fit for what they do.

From a simple product delivery viewpoint, they aim to be the supplier of choice for clients looking for quality delivery in Queensland.