Bettio Building Contractors


Excellence, Quality, and Service

Bettio Building Contractors is a multi-disciplined building company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, providing top quality service based core values of excellence, quality, and service. Today, the company employs over 20 fulltime staff members and specialises in residential work, commercial work, and trade service packages.

From the start, the Bettio family has taken great pride in remaining actively and directly involved in the building process. They believe in providing each client with individualised service and open communication, and always go the extra mile to give a personal touch to every project.

“We deal directly with our clientele, which gives them a bit more assurance that they’re not being taken for granted. If they have any issues, they can go straight to the top and get the answers they’re looking for,” says Construction Manager Jared Bettio.

“Also, there’s the added attention to detail because our name is on the line,” he says. “Each job we do is very important, and for each one, we want the client to be very happy with us and give us a good referral.”

Communication is key

Bettio Building Contractors empower their staff by “giving them the opportunity to branch out and grow in their positions, so that they never max out with the company.” This business philosophy has allowed them to retain the majority of their team members. Today, they have several employees that have been with the company for over 10 years, and some that have even been with the company for closer to 20 years.

“Our employee culture is setup so that each employee feels like the business is as much theirs as it is ours,” Jared explains. “We don’t limit them in their roles – we empower them to take ownership of their roles. We encourage our employees to continuously grow with the company by promoting through the ranks into managerial roles. We always promote from within.”

Jared maintains that this business philosophy has also allowed the company to “build up plenty of good will” with subcontractors and suppliers. According to Jared, “if you look after your subbies and suppliers, they’ll look after you.”

“We don’t look at subcontractors and suppliers as a one-off,” he adds. “We want to build our relationship with them so we can work with them for a long time because it brings stability to our build process and also ensures long term quality, reliability, and timeliness. We do this by listening to how they want to deliver their services, then we communicate clearly what we expect from them, and then we work together with them to achieve the goal.”

The company’s emphasis on communication translates well to their interaction with their clientele. In fact, Jared says that staying in close and frequent contact is the key to cultivating longstanding relationships with clients.

“It’s like any relationship – it comes down to communication,” he proclaims. “We’re always open and honest with our clients the whole way through. Building is a process, and it’s a big commitment for most people, so having open and honest communication helps clients feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process.”
This emphasis on transparency has helped Bettio Building Contractors forge a reputation in the industry for pleasing clients. As Jared puts it, “having a good reputation with your clients is important because they’re the best referral you can get.”

“We do quite a bit of repeat work, and a lot of our business comes from word of mouth,” he says. “We have several clients that we’ve done many builds for. One client has used us for over 20 builds, and he keeps coming back for more. That’s how we gauge how well we’re going with our customers. If they come back or give us a referral, then we’re doing our job.”

Giving back to the community

Another major component of the company’s sterling reputation in the industry is their consistency of quality. Bettio Building Contractors treats each of their builds as being equally important, regardless of the cost or size of the project.

“We don’t favour one project over another. The reason the client is coming to you in the first place is because the project is very important to them, and as we get to know the client, it becomes very important to us,” Jared adds. “Every time we make a client happy, that’s a true indicator of success.”

Bettio Building Contractors applies that focused philosophy to all their projects, no matter who the client is. For example, the company partook in the B.E.R. (Building the Education Revolution) program, building additional infrastructure for schools located in the rural regions of South Australia. Jared says that the company relished the opportunity to “give back to the community” that they had worked in for many years.

“The projects meant a lot to us because we were able to give the locals what they needed by providing them with a facility that looks after their needs well into the future,” he explains. “The designs that were given to us by the government had to be tailored to suit the individual needs of each school, and through collaborating with each school, we were able to come up with a result that they were each happy with. Again, it comes down to communication. We were constantly communicating with them throughout each phase of the project to suit their needs.”

On the cutting edge

Over the years, Bettio Building Contractors has implemented sustainable and energy efficient business practices in order to “enhance the environment rather than destroy it.”

“We always work with our subcontractors and trades people to make sure we’re environmentally sustainable,” Jared proclaims. “We particularly always try to use local materials rather than imported or interstate materials because it lowers our carbon footprint with less travel, and we only use sustainable resources because it makes a lot more sense, both environmentally and economically.”

According to Jared, being environmentally-friendly is the logical choice because “buildings that aren’t energy efficient cost a lot of money, meaning they have a limited lifespan.”

“We want to make sure the buildings we’re constructing are improving both the manmade environment and the natural environment,” he says. “Unless you can make a building that’s environmentally sustainable, it’s always going to be a drag on the environment, so it can’t be considered an effective project. For us, success comes not just from making a profit, but from producing buildings that are cutting edge and advanced in terms of technology and energy efficiency.”